How to Edit Videos on Your iPhone

How to Edit Videos on Your iPhone

By camilaforero

For content creators, Apple devices have been one of the most used tools to film easily, quickly and smoothly. Also, users can easily edit, record and publish in a professional looking way.

How do I edit videos on my iPhone for free?

Editing the videos from your iPhone is quite simple and for free, without the need for other apps, you just have to make a recording on the Camera app, and then you just have to follow the steps. You can also edit a video if you previously downloaded it from some platform or from the internet.

Do iPhones have a video editor?

In fact, the iPhone has a video editor that you can use, so you don’t need to install a different app on your device, from the Photos app, then choose which video you want to edit and select “Edit”.

How do you cut and edit videos on an iPhone?

After having selected the video and having entered the “Edit” part, you can follow the following steps:

Cut the footage up:

When you want to remove a part, or start or end the video from a different part than the original one, you can access the trim tool and click on the icon that looks like a video camera, even at this point you can mute the video by touching the button of the speaker.

Use color grading to add or reduce dynamics within your visuals:

There is a stopwatch icon next to the video signal, from there you can check and change the exposure, highlights, shadows, contrast, brightness, black point, saturation, vibrance, warmth, tint , sharpen, sharpen, noise reduction, and vignette options.

Select a filter:

You can review the available preset filters by clicking the icon that looks like three overlapping circles to the right of the color grading button. Some of the preset filters are preset filters like Noir, Silvertone, Dramatic Warm, and Vivid.

Use the extra tools to finalize your edit:

You can use other tools, for example, under your footage they allow you to straighten the video or tilt it horizontally and vertically, you can also view your image through a “mirror” or rotate it, resize the video, for example so that your video look 9:16 as that is the ideal size for Instagram videos, stories and reels.

What is the best video editing app for iPhone?

For a quick fix you can just use the basic tools, but if you prefer something with more tools, for example to add music, extra effects and all the other bells and whistles, among other things, you can use other apps.

iMovie is an app that you can download for free from the App Store. This app is one of the best video editing apps and software, plus it is very easy to use, compatible with your other Apple devices and has plenty of tools. This app has its own music catalog, with 35,000 high-quality tracks and 90,000 sound effects.

How to edit videos on iPhone for Instagram

You can use other apps to edit your videos, such as:

  • Filmr
  • Splice
  • Quik 

These are some of the apps that you can use, however, there are a large number that you can use from your iPhone or even from your desktop, also some are free and others are paid.

How to edit videos on iPhone for YouTube

Adobe Premiere Rush is a Premiere Pro app from Adobe, usually these are desktop apps, however, Rush allows you to edit your videos from your iPhone without any problem. For example you can:

  • Shoot, edit, and share footage directly from the app
  • Adjust speed
  • Add extra audio
  • Customize titles
  • Tailor transitions
  • Choose between manual or preset color correction

Premiere Rush Starter is a basic kit that has limited tools, but if you are willing to pay for the app, there is the Creative Cloud Express option for $9.99 per month, with this kit you can have 100 GB of cloud storage, have premium features , and even switch between mobile and desktop devices.

In this way you can edit your videos directly from your iPhone without the need to have more devices or many more apps. You can give them a chance and check which is the best app depending on your needs and what you want to edit in your videos.