All About the Instagram Algorithm in 2023

All About the Instagram Algorithm in 2023

By julianapardogonzalez

Today we will talk about the social network of photos, because if you use Instagram on a regular basis, you will have noticed that from time to time it modifies its application: it adds diverse types of content or modifies the feed. However, if you are a content creator, one of the things that can hurt you the most is the algorithm, which changes the way in which your content is presented to the platform’s users.  

Sometimes it shows it in chronological order, other times the posts with the most interactions or the stories of those with whom you have interacted the most appear first. So, we show you a practical guide about Instagram‘s algorithm, its novelties and how to beat it. 

What is really the Instagram algorithm? 

The quick answer it is a rulebook. Which is based on many criteria, it uses viewers’ personal data to deliver content you will enjoy.  However, there is one massive misconception about the Instagram algorithm, because the app uses various algorithms, processes, and classifiers to deliver that sweet, sweet content to Feed, Stories, Explore, and Reels. 

Let us put Instagram’s algorithm to work on your feed! 

Let us start by reminding you that the Instagram feed is the wall of your publications, where you can see your published posts, edit the text, or add your biography. And to achieve this, we need to work on the three broad things: a creator’s relationship with their followers, the relevance of the content, and how new the content is.  

What does each factor depend on and how to deal with it to get the most out of it? 

Factor 1: Interest 

The content the user will find on the wall is a combination of their behavior on the application, the accounts they regularly follow and the types of posts they have liked.  

The more you interact with a profile and the more interest you show, the earlier this account will appear on your wall. Instagram takes all interactions into account, although the most important ones are likes, comments and times shared.  

Factor 2: Relationship 

Instagram works by establishing a relationship with different people, talking to them, or sharing things.  

It considers those accounts that interest the user, based on the content they like, the users they post with or people they search for on the app. 

Factor 3: Opportunity to post. 

Instagram’s algorithm in 2023 prioritizes posts with the most interactions and the most recent in time. 

Your goal is to find the ideal time to post on Instagram, the one in which you get the best performance according to your target audience. This way, you “take advantage” of the algorithm and by getting more interactions with your posts they will climb to the top positions. 

Complement with other ways to improve your Instagram presence 

  • Working on your content every day is the best way to “beat” Instagram’s algorithm and increase your presence on the application. 
  • Instagram has a lot of options for sharing content to increase interactions. 
  • Use added content. Instagram prioritizes updated content in its application. 
  • Create a strategy for your hashtags. Hashtags are key to reach inexperienced users on Instagram. 
  • Share all content on your profile. That is, upload a video, then move it by uploading a preview to your feed, share it also in stories. Make it easy for the user to reach all your content, so they can interact. 
  • Analyze your performance. 



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