Some YouTube mistakes you should avoid in 2023

Some YouTube mistakes you should avoid in 2023

By Valentina Tuta

If you’re a long-time YouTube creator or you’re planning to become one , you’ll know that there are plenty of mistakes that people make very often. However, in recent years it’s important to have in mind that if you really want your channel to grow up and have popularity, you definitely have to avoid these downsides.

For that reason, we have taken on the task of listing some of the most common mistakes youtubers make and how to avoid them. Because you’ve probably seen a lot of ways in which you can get more views or subscribers, but have you ever seen advice on what not to do? Of course not. Besides, we all are only humans but sometimes it’s worth learning in order to grow as a person. Let’s get it!

What should you not do on YouTube?

To begin with, keep in mind that whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, chances are you’ll have made one of the below mistakes during your time on YouTube and that’s ok! We learn from our mistakes by doing things, figuring out what works best for you, and improving as you go. So, it’s time to get into the top 3 mistakes to avoid in 2023.

1. Focusing on views rather than the viewer

It is completely understandable that you want to chase the views. After all, if you want to monetize your YouTube channel and earn a living as a content creator, you need to get those viewer figures up. Nevertheless, you have to be careful and try to avoid spamming your followers, this could lose their attention and consequently affect your ranking in Youtube’s algorithms.

Well, we know that it’s not easy to create the appropriate content while you’re trying to adapt to the algorithm and other changes. But believe us, though, ignoring what your audience wants is just as bad (or worse) as what we’ve mentioned above. 

A good strategy to change this is to make a deep study of your followers. What’s their demographic? Age, location, likes, dislikes – make it as specific as possible, as if you were pitching a TV show to a network. Who is your content for, and why should they choose you?

2. Just being a creator, not a viewer

This is a good strategy to keep the wind at the back of your sails. We know that if you want to write a novel, it’s necessary that you read as much as possible since you can’t be a great writer if you don’t read great writing. 

Okay, there are several exceptions to the rule, but this is not the case. Actually, it works perfectly on YouTube as if you don’t watch other creators, you’re missing out on so much. Thus, watch as often as you can, learn what works for other YouTubers, and remember their successes (and mistakes!) when assembling your own videos.

3. Ignoring your work/life balance

Finally, we have the most common mistakes among beginner youtubers. Basically, when they spend every waking moment on their channel. Well, perhaps it is not the worst idea, but this is not the purpose of making content for the internet. 

Furthermore, it’s fundamental to keep a healthy balance between work and life to maintain the creation of high quality content as well. So, please don’t forget to take time for yourself whether to read a book, walk the dog or make something that you like.

Now, by this we are not trying to say that grinding 24/7 doesn’t pay off, though. Some YouTubers, like MrBeast, have gotten successful by obsessing over the platform. But that’s just him. Listen to your body and take a break when needed – it’ll help keep the creative spark alive rather than forcing it.


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