YouTube Trends Influencers You Need to Know This Year

YouTube Trends Influencers You Need to Know This Year

By camilaforero

Last year 2022 was a big year for YouTube where quite a lot happened and this year also brings a lot of new trends. Let’s see what these trends will be that we will see on YouTube soon:

What are the new YouTube trends in 2023?

There are quite a few topics about the trends that will be seen in this year 2023, however, we will be able to see some of the most important and broad ones that we must take into account in this year, and you can check them to decide what trends are better for you and your YouTube channel. In addition, there are several areas that are specific and that are quite interesting for users.

Travel content:

Nowadays, travel videos have gained strength again, since in recent years there was not much content. You can find a variety of content regarding travel, for example, vlogs, hotel reviews, information about destinations, what to do on a trip, etc.


Over time, videos created with AI have improved a lot, now you can create images and videos, and in fact in 2023 many of the most popular videos were made with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Video captions:

Video captions have become very popular content on the platform for a number of reasons, for example, we found that 60% of YouTube traffic is from non-English speakers; adding captions to videos makes it more audience; there are also 400 million people around the world who identify as deaf or hard of hearing. Therefore, captions are important and every day they gain more strength in YouTube content.

YouTube Shorts:

This can be considered a competitor to TikTok, since they are short videos and they attract users a lot. The best thing is that all the content they need can be found on the same platform, for example, long videos or on the other hand, Shorts.

Gen Z:

Today it has been seen that most of the consumers of YouTube content are part of Generation Z, also, it is understood that about 96% of the members of Generation Z in the US have YouTube accounts, and the content that is thought of them are trends.

YouTube LIVE:

This possibility of creating Live videos on YouTube has been around since 2011, and it has had many changes. Still, since the pandemic it has been seen that live videos are very popular and many users prefer to watch live content instead of regular content.

360-degree video:

360-degree videos have also been very popular since the pandemic, as they give the sensation of having access to the physical. And any user can use it, from a small content creator to brands that use this option constantly.

YouTube as a search engine:

After Google, YouTube is one of the most used search engines, which with the help of SEO optimization, videos can become very popular. There are many companies and content creators that focus on this part in order to use the platform to your advantage as a search engine.

What does YouTube say the new trends will be in 2023?

There are many trending topics that can be popular on YouTube, however, the same platform has its popular topics to trend. Thanks to the partnership with Ipsos, they are in the YouTube Culture and Trends Report, the latest content trends for generation Z in 2023.

Personalized content:

Around 65% of Gen Z users actively prefer niche videos that specifically appeal to them, rather than a mass audience, as this type of content is more directly targeted at specific users and they feel that videos and content are directed towards them.

Focus on a niche:

There are many cultures and niches, therefore, one of the suggestions that you can take into account to create content is to focus on topics that you are good at, you like, and also that if they are of quality you can have a large audience.

Professional fandom:

There are a lot of fans these days, and it can be seen that 61% of Gen Z consider themselves fans, so content created for targeted fans can help you build a large audience.


Memes help to communicate, relate and express themselves with others, and even large brands use memes in their content. For example, in their YouTube videos or YouTube Shorts, content creators and brands, or companies, use memes to reach more users.

The metaverse:

Many users choose to use the metaverse to express themselves, even in live broadcasts on YouTube they use avatars, something that can begin to be seen more often in YouTubers.

Short-form and long-form both have their place:

It is now very common for content creators to first post a short piece of content to YouTube Shorts and then post the long piece of content as a video to the platform as well. Now there are no hard rules about video lengths anymore, which helps a lot when it comes to uploadable content.

Appeal to people’s emotions:

One of the trends that will surely be seen more in 2023 is relaxing content for users, since many prefer to use the platform to find content that relaxes them.

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