Find Out the Ways Google Uses AI in Products

Find Out the Ways Google Uses AI in Products

By camilaforero

Artificial Intelligence 

Over the years it has been discovered that Artificial Intelligence can become a great tool for many people, and in recent years many advances have been made in the use of AI. In technology companies like Google, Artificial Intelligence has been implemented in many products that help people every day.


You can find the use of AI when you consult the best route to take on a trip, or to know the times of a movie, even to be able to find a doctor’s appointment. AI has become part of our daily life and making it easier.

Google and Products

Google products like Lens and Translate were built entirely with artificial intelligence technologies, as these can have optical character recognition and also machine learning, respectively. And if we see more of Google’s products, most of them use AI, making them easier to use and people having better experiences.

The improvements that Google products have had have been thanks to the invention of Transformer in 2017, which is now the grandfather of modern language models, and with which it is possible to build AI language models, for example, BERT, PALM, MUM and LaMDA.

With this model, it has been possible to solve complex mathematical problems, also answer questions in new languages, even express reasoning through words using a chain of thought indications, and more things, because practically everything can be done thanks to this.

Now let’s look at some ways in which Artificial Intelligence is used today in some of Google’s products:


At first this option was used mainly on computers, to search for information, however, with the passage of time, and after 25 years, better searches can now be carried out, for example, searching in different languages, humming a tune, or searching with the camera, all thanks to the AI.


Google Maps uses AI to find more detailed and updated information, for example, you can check traffic in real time, know the traffic status, and the routes you can take to go from one point to another. You can even find information about speed limits in certain places, or find out the opening hours and business hours of establishments.


If you have a Pixel phone, you can even translate your chats in up to 21 languages or also have a verbal conversation between 6 different languages using the interpreter mode. Also, with the Magic Eraser feature, you can remove distractions from the photos you’ve taken.


With the Google Photos app you can save all the photos you take and with the help of AI you can search for the photos you need based on what’s in the photo. Also, you may have “Memories” of photos that may have been forgotten.


With the help of AI, subtitles can be automatically generated for the videos on YouTube, which helps to have more audience in the videos, and especially people with hearing problems.


Computers used to speak in a unique way, not like a human, however with the help of Artificial Intelligence Assistant has been made to understand and respond in a way that mimics human communication. This makes it easier for the application to identify what a person is saying, just by saying “Ok Google…” and what you want to ask, whether it’s from your phone, your TV, or any other device.


Gmail has options like spell check, or auto-complete sentences. However, Gmail is one of the least spammy emails, because it blocks almost 10 million spam emails every minute, all thanks to the help of AI.


With the help of AI, merchants and companies can have better options to make advertisements for their businesses and sales. They can submit their campaign goals and share their creative assets, then the AI will take the information to create a highly effective ad campaign across all Google properties.


In Google Cloud users can customize for their unique needs, for example, they can use Contact Center AI for call center operations, Vertex Vision AI for video and image analytics, DocAI for document processing, and even Translation Hub for online translation. more than 100 languages at scale. Among other functions that can be found and that help users a lot thanks to AI.