All You Need to Know About the New Windows

All You Need to Know About the New Windows

By dayannastefanny

What is Microsoft?

Microsoft Office is a set of tools for creating, organizing, storing, and transferring information from your computers. It allows you to manage and automate the common tasks of any office (or in our case, a doctor’s office).

Latest windows updates

As of December 13, 2022, all editions of Windows 10 version 21H1 have reached the end of service. The December 2022 security update, released on December 13, is the last one available for this version. Devices using this version will no longer receive monthly security updates or information about a version containing protection against security threats. Windows 11 has also been updated on some devices.

New updates of Windows 12

Although Windows 11 is a new release with only a few months on the market and at the same time strongly criticized for its installation requirements, Microsoft is already working on the new version, which is said to have new functionalities, features, and a renewed interface.

During the Ignite 2022 conference where the new Surface Laptop 5, Pro 9, and the Surface Studio 2+ supercomputer was presented, Microsoft also shared a screenshot of a Windows user interface whose version is unknown at this time.

However, several reports are claiming that the interface shown by the company is a preview of the Windows 12 UI. Windows Central’s Zac Bowden claims that the 12th version of the operating system will debut in late 2024.

Bowden says Microsoft is working on the new Windows 12, which will offer a more refreshed, stable, and secure design. One of the most prominent features will be the desktop, which is currently a floating task with weather information at the top, a search bar in the middle, and at the bottom desktop icons such as Wi-Fi. The new desktop will have a new time, date, and calendar shortcut.

Windows Central reports that the Redmond-based company has unveiled a Windows 12 prototype like the one shown at Ignite 2022. This program is called Next Valley, and the name indicates that this is the next generation of Sun Valley.

It’s not yet clear if Microsoft will release Windows 12 or if it will be called Windows 12, but we’re sure the system will have an improved interface with a floating taskbar that looks appealing.

Interface optimized for touch controls

For several years, Microsoft has been trying to improve the Windows interface so that it can be used with a keyboard and mouse, as well as with touch panels. A move that is not easy to find, given the large number of formats in which we find Windows. Yes, we are thinking of tablets, and computers, but also hybrids such as PCs with folding screens.

Although it is not clear how this image ended up in the middle of the Microsoft conference, it is possible that it is not the final version of Windows 12. This image gives you an idea of where the next version may be heading. system. drink.

After Windows 8, which was more touch-centric, Windows 10, which was integrated with a keyboard and mouse, and Windows 11, which didn’t change the way, Microsoft should think ahead without annoying today’s users.

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