Amazon Prime Secret Tricks: Hidden Deals and How to Save Money While Shopping

Amazon Prime Secret Tricks: Hidden Deals and How to Save Money While Shopping

By Luca Fanicchia

Amazon Prime, the revolutionary premium subscription service provided by the e-commerce behemoth Amazon, has redefined the entire landscape of online shopping. Its influence on modern consumer habits cannot be overstated. While many users are well-acquainted with its prominent perks, such as lightning-fast shipping and an extensive collection of movies and TV shows, the realm of Amazon Prime holds an array of concealed gems and ingenious tricks that can elevate your shopping experience to unprecedented heights.

Today, we embark on a thrilling expedition, venturing into the clandestine world of Amazon Prime‘s best-kept secrets, unlocking hidden deals, and unearthing money-saving tactics for the most discerning and savvy shoppers to mastermind their Amazon journeys with finesse.

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The universe of Amazon

Amazon, founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, is an American multinational technology company that started as an online bookstore. Over the years, it has evolved into one of the world’s largest and most diverse e-commerce platforms, offering a vast array of products and services.

E-Commerce Giant

At its core, Amazon remains a leading online retailer, offering a seemingly endless selection of products, ranging from books, electronics, and fashion to home essentials and beyond. The company’s user-friendly interface, convenient shopping experience, and efficient delivery services, including the popular Amazon Prime subscription program, have contributed to its immense popularity and success.

Amazon Prime

One of Amazon‘s standout services is Amazon Prime. This premium subscription program provides subscribers with numerous benefits, including free and fast shipping on eligible products, access to a vast library of movies, TV shows, and music through Amazon Prime Video and Prime Music, and more. Additionally, Prime members enjoy exclusive deals and early access to Lightning Deals, further enhancing the value of the subscription.

Cloud Computing and Web Services

Beyond e-commerce, Amazon is a dominant player in the cloud computing industry through Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS offers a wide range of cloud-based services, including computing power, storage, database management, and artificial intelligence capabilities, catering to businesses and organizations of all sizes. AWS has become a significant revenue generator for Amazon and has a substantial global market share.

Consumer Electronics

Amazon has ventured into producing its consumer electronics, with the development of devices like the Amazon Kindle e-reader, Kindle Fire tablets, Amazon Echo smart speakers powered by the virtual assistant Alexa, and the Ring line of home security products. These devices are designed to integrate seamlessly with Amazon’s ecosystem, providing users with enhanced access to its services and e-commerce platform.

Media and Entertainment

As a content provider, Amazon Prime Video competes with major streaming services, producing original TV series, movies, and documentaries, garnering critical acclaim and a dedicated audience. In addition, the company owns Amazon Studios, which has won prestigious awards for its original content.

Acquisitions and Diversification

Strategic acquisitions and diversification have fueled Amazon‘s growth. Over the years, it has acquired various companies to expand its offerings and technological capabilities. Some notable acquisitions include the online shoe retailer Zappos, Whole Foods Market, and the smart home device company Ring. These acquisitions have allowed Amazon to extend its reach into new markets and industries.

Global Presence

Amazon has a strong international presence, operating in numerous countries worldwide. It has fulfillment centers, data centers for AWS, and customer service support in various regions, facilitating efficient delivery and service to customers globally.

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How to get the best from Amazon

Amazon Warehouse Deals

Often overlooked, the “Amazon Warehouse Deals” section is a goldmine for those seeking incredible discounts on open-box and used products. These items are usually in fantastic condition, having been returned or lightly used by previous customers. By opting for Warehouse Deals, you can save a substantial amount on a wide range of items, including electronics, gadgets, appliances, and more.

To access Amazon Warehouse Deals, navigate to the “Today’s Deals” page and click on “Warehouse Deals” on the left-hand side. The discounted items will be listed under various categories, each indicating their condition and any cosmetic imperfections. Keep in mind that the inventory here is constantly changing. Make it a habit to check back regularly for new deals.

Subscribe and Save

For regular Amazon shoppers, the “Subscribe and Save” program can lead to significant long-term savings. This feature allows you to subscribe to automatic, recurring deliveries of essential items, such as household supplies, pet food, and personal care products. When you subscribe to five or more items, you can unlock discounts of up to 15% on your entire order.

To begin, look for products labeled “Subscribe and Save” and select the frequency of your deliveries (monthly, bi-monthly, etc.). You’ll receive email notifications before each shipment, giving you the flexibility to make changes, skip deliveries, or cancel subscriptions at any time.

Amazon Outlet

Hidden within Amazon‘s vast marketplace, the “Amazon Outlet” section is a treasure trove of heavily discounted overstocked and clearance items. From fashion and accessories to electronics and home goods, this section offers remarkable deals that can save you a bundle on your purchases.

To find Amazon Outlet, scroll down to the bottom of Amazon’s homepage. Click on “Amazon Outlet” under the “Features & Services” section. Once there, you can explore the vast array of discounted products available, but act fast as the stock often sells out quickly.

Lightning Deals

The adrenaline rush of grabbing limited-time bargains awaits you with Amazon’s Lightning Deals. These deals offer significant discounts on various products but are only available for a short period, often a few hours or until the allocated stock runs out.

To access Lightning Deals, visit the “Today’s Deals” page and click on “Lightning Deals” at the top of the page. You can filter the deals by category or simply scroll through to discover exciting offers. Keep in mind that these deals are time-sensitive, so it’s best to act promptly if you find something you want.

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card

Frequent Amazon shoppers can reap additional rewards with the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card. This credit card offers cashback rewards on Amazon purchases. It also adds a generous percentage back on other eligible categories like dining, gas stations, and drugstores.

To apply for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card, follow these steps. Visit the designated page on Amazon’s website and follow the application process. Once approved, you can use the card for your purchases and accumulate cashback rewards. These can then be redeemed as a credit towards future Amazon purchases, effectively offering you extra savings.

Trade-In Program

If you have old electronics, books, games, or other eligible items lying around, the Amazon Trade-In Program offers an excellent opportunity to declutter and earn Amazon gift cards in return. Simply search for the product you wish to trade in. If it’s eligible, you’ll be provided with an appraised value. Print the shipping label and send in your item. Once it’s verified, you’ll receive an Amazon gift card with the appraised value.

To begin with the Trade-In Program, visit the dedicated page on Amazon‘s website. Remember to check the eligibility and requirements for the items you wish to trade in to ensure a smooth transaction.

Amazon Coupons

Amazon offers a wide selection of digital coupons that can save you money on various products. You can find these coupons on the product pages of eligible items or in the dedicated “Coupons” section on Amazon’s website.

To use Amazon coupons, simply click on the coupon of the item you want to purchase. The discount will be applied during checkout. Be sure to check the expiration date and terms of each coupon to ensure it’s valid for your intended purchase.

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Amazon Prime offers more than just fast shipping and streaming services. It holds a trove of hidden deals and money-saving tricks for the astute shopper. By exploring the lesser-known features like Amazon Warehouse Deals, Subscribe and Save, Amazon Outlet, Lightning Deals, or taking advantage of the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card and Trade-In Program, you can uncover substantial discounts and opportunities to save on your purchases.

Armed with these secret tricks, you can elevate your Amazon shopping experience and stretch your budget further. Happy shopping, and may your Amazon Prime membership become an even greater asset in your savvy shopping arsenal!

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