Android Apps on Windows 11

Android Apps on Windows 11

By camilaforero

Now using your Windows 11 you can have your Android Apps, you can configure and install all the apps you used to have on your Android devices but now on your PCs.

What do you need to have the apps?

In the stable channel of Windows 11 you can find Android Apps from February 2022 in the US, you must make sure you have all the requirements to update to Windows 11, if so you will also meet the requirements for Android Apps on this devices.

Also your PC must have hardware virtualization enabled, this is necessary to be able to run Android from here, you can find it by going to the “Performance” tab with Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Just in case you want to disable always on top for Task Manager you can do it on Windows 11.

If the option is disabled you may need to enable Intel VT-X in the UEFI firmware (BIOS), or in case your PC has an AMD chip, look for AMD-V in the UEFI firmware setup screen.

Then you can go to the Microsoft Store and update all the applications in the “Library” page, if everything is already configured correctly, the process is ready to start using your Windows 11 with Android Apps as in your Android devices.

How can I install Android Apps in Windows 11?

You need to open Microsoft Store and search for Amazon AppStore and install it, after this a pop-up will guide you to “Set up” the App, then you can restart your computer in order to complete the first part of the process.

Once the Amazon AppStore has been restarted, it can be opened automatically on your screen or you can search for it in the start menu, then start or create an Amazon account, after that you can enter and search for the applications you would like to download, click on “Install” and continue the normal process to install an app as in your Android device.

And that’s it! You will now be able to find all the Android apps you want to download and install in the start menu on your Windows 11 PC. In case you cannot find any Android app, there is also the option to install the Google Play Store on Windows 11 and have more access to different apps.

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