Apple AR/VR Headset Leaked

Apple AR/VR Headset Leaked

By camilaforero

There have been several rumors where it is said that Apple is working on AR / VR headsets, and it has been like an open secret since rumors have come out from various patents that reveal information, and confirm the work that is being done with Apple’s AR / VR headsets.

The headset is expected to hit the market in spring 2023, ahead of the annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June, and with the new report we now have several key details about the headset’s design and specifications. It is also believed that the headphones will have a “killer app” for realistic XR avatar video calls, according to The Information.

Despite the fact that there is an estimated date for the launch of the new Apple Headphones, the truth is that this project has already been delayed on several occasions, therefore we must wait for an exact confirmation from Apple announcing the specific date. Still, we’re all pretty excited to get this new AR/VR headset, so let’s take a look at some of the key details about the headset that’s been leaked, along with its specs and designs.

Apple AR/VR Headset: Design leaked

Let’s see some details and features about the design of the Headset that was leaked:


It will have Apple’s M2 chip, which will be the main SoC and an ISP chip for video processing. These chips have a 5nm process and also have a proprietary streaming codec.

Mixed Reality:

It will have low latency, and custom fast working memory from SK Hynix, which helps mixed reality and the ISP chip, which works to transmit and warp the distorted image that is captured by external cameras. In addition, it includes a fast dial similar to Apple Watch, this helps us to switch between the physical world and the virtual world.


Most likely, according to the report, the headset will have a 4K OLED display from Sony, plus fove rendering along with eye tracking, this will render only the assets, which will help the user save power.


The FoV is estimated to be larger than PSVR 2, Pico 4, Meta Quest 2, and Quest Pro as it will have a 120 degree field of view.


It will have an external battery, making the headphones very compact, this battery will be mounted on the waist and can even be replaced in case you need it.

Scanners & Cameras:

The headset will have two LIDAR scanners for short and long ranges, as well as more than a dozen internal and external cameras for a better experience. They will also help track the movement of the user, which includes the entire body including the legs.

Hand Tracking:

For the interface, Apple will add manual tracking, which will be used to interact with the AR/VR operating system, which is called reality OS.

Apple AR/VR Headset: Specs leaked

Build material:

Among the materials of the headphones you will have aluminum, glass and carbon fiber, so that the headphones are light and compact.

Apple AirPod Support:

They will not have a jack plug, nor will they work optimally via Bluetooth, since the headphones will have an H2 chip, which will provide ultra-low latency audio transmission to Apple’s AirPods Pro.

Integrated Speakers:

The headband will have a material similar to that of the Apple Watch sports bands. Plus it will have built-in speakers, which are similar to Meta Quest 2.

Corrective Lenses:

In case you wear glasses, corrective lenses will be able to be inserted into the headset via magnets, also the IPD lens can be self-adjusted as well.


Users wearing these headsets will be able to play 2D iOS apps with the headset, not just games.

Apple XR Video Caller App

There is also the rumor of the application that Apple will use for XR video calls, the idea of this application is that with a screen facing outwards, the user’s facial expressions will be shown. The price of the headset can be between $2,000 to $3,000, so many people have high expectations about what they will be able to do with these AR/VR headsets.

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