Apple: The Maps Are About to Get More Accurate

Apple: The Maps Are About to Get More Accurate

By julianapardogonzalez

Although Google has been ahead of the curve in the collection of geographic data for maps for quite a few years, exactly 18 years. This does not stop Apple from starting to change this situation, especially when on January 11 it unveiled a tool called “Apple Business Connect“.  

This new tool allows businesses to update their location place cards (keeping in mind that Apple automatically fills with third-party data) and customize the information.  

Google vs. Apple 

If we think about this seriously, we already knew a similar one: exactly is Google! Which has offered a comparable feature for years, allowing companies to create a Google Business Profile. In this profile you can find a display of opening hours, contact information, exclusive offers, photos, and even ordering links.  

Apple Business Connect 

Something we have not mentioned is that Apple Business Connect is a free tool that allows businesses of all sizes to take ownership of their location cards to customize the way they display key information to billions of Apple users who use apps like Maps, Messages, Wallet, and Siri, among others. 

What it means, the tool now allows companies to upload photos, logos, and create action links. Also, they created a new section called “Showcases” where businesses can present customers with various offers and incentives, such as seasonal items or discounts, etc. And this section has been available since January 11 for U.S. businesses and will be available for the rest of the countries in the coming months. 

Businesses can also make various useful information available to customers, such as highlighting actions that can be performed with just a few taps directly on the Maps’ information card, like ordering food using Instacart, making a hotel reservation on a travel and accommodation rate search platform, or booking a table with OpenTable. 

How to register to use Business Connect? 

If you are a business owner and already have or will create an Apple ID, you can register to access Business Connect on this site from any laptop or desktop computer. 

Once the business is logged in and verified by Apple, the appropriate locations can be claimed to start updating and customizing the business card, all free of charge as mentioned above. And what about businesses with multiple locations? For this case, Business Connect offers an API with the same name that allows you to distribute up-to-date and accurate information at scale on Maps through information management agencies. 

Apple tools that are also designed for small businesses 

As a tool with small businesses in mind and with the goal of giving them not only the same customization options that large global brands have, but also to help them. Business Connect is complemented by other Apple services that are also designed to help smaller businesses grow and reach new customers, such as Tap to Pay on iPhone, which allows a business to accept Apple Pay, contactless debit or credit cards or other digital wallets in a secure and fully integrated way with just a tap on the iPhone, or Business Essentials, a service that combines device management, ongoing support, and cloud storage under one subscription. 

As a conclusion, we could say that Apple needs that enough companies get on board to this initiative, to make Apple Maps just as accurate with business information as Google’s services. 

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