Google Clock Now Lets You Set Your Voice

Google Clock Now Lets You Set Your Voice

By camilaforero

In recent years we have been able to see how Pixel and Android devices have had a great moment in the technology industry. Also, many of the Pixel devices, especially the latest devices, have gained a lot of features with Android 12 and 13, and they continue to add features to their devices in order to keep moving forward with time.

Now we find that one of the latest additions to Android in the Clock app is that you can now set your own recording as the alarm ringtone on the device, which has made many of its users very excited.

How did the users find out the feature?

The inclusion of this feature was confirmed since a Telegram user shared images of this configuration for the Clock, the user also shared the images on Twitter.

Attempted to confirm the feature on a Pixel 6 with version 7.3 of the Clock app, but it appears that this is a server-side update rather than an app update, as the Clock app was last updated in October 2022 and there are no new updates after this date.

Still, it has been seen that the feature is only available for Pixel users at the moment, however, there are no details or reports on whether Google plans to expand support to non-Pixel devices, therefore, We must remain attentive to discover if this feature will be on other devices.

Other New Android Features

Thanks to some testimonials, it was found that some features will arrive very soon on Android through an update of Google Play Services (v23.02). Therefore, we are going to see what are these new features that we will see soon in Android:

Artillery alert notifications in Ukraine:

It was found a few months ago that Google started sending air raid alert notifications for users with Android phones (+GMS) in some of the areas where the Ukrainian government issued an alert, the date where this feature was confirmed was in March of 2022. Also, everything indicates that Play Services will soon do the same, sending notifications with artillery alerts.

Smart Lock potentially rebranding to “Extend Unlock”:

This is a new feature of Watch Unlock, which will allow you to unlock your phone using your watch only if your watch is unlocked, on your wrist or nearby. This option is only for when your face or fingerprint is not recognized when unlocking your phone, not before trying these options.

Also, this Smart Lock feature will keep your phone unlocked as long as you are connected to your watch via Bluetooth with trusted devices, however it will not unlock your phone, therefore it is important to rebrand it to “Extend Unlock” makes sense, just to avoid confusion with the terms and features.

Low battery alerts for styluses using Fast Pair:

You will be able to get an alert that your pen battery is running low and you need to charge it soon. These alerts are for use with Fast Pair only.

“Tap to ID” Bluetooth trackers:

It is understood that this function will basically be able to detect an unknown Bluetooth tracker, and you may be able to tap on it to identify it and know what to do next.