Learn how to delete photos in Google Photos

Learn how to delete photos in Google Photos

By dayannastefanny

Both Apple (introduced it with iOS 10) and Google Photos now have something that has turned Apple and Google’s photo networks and galleries into memory factories to make us reminisce about times gone by. You know, “on this day, X years ago…”.

Unfortunately, their algorithms are not yet able to identify memories that we do not want to remember and, sometimes, they can show us painful moments of our life or history that could be useful to forget, such as the death of a family member or photos. and your ex to avoid this, Apple Photos, Google Photos and provide tools that allow us to control the “ideas” that we will see in each of their applications. Or delete them directly. Let’s see how to do it.

How to disable Google Photos memories?

Google added the “Memories” feature in Google Photos in 2019, and, as with Facebook, it also offers options to hide people, pets, or dates of past events in its mobile app. To do this, once inside the Google Photos app, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap the profile image of your account that you will find in the upper right corner.
  2. Tap on the “Photo Settings” option on Android or “Google Photos Settings” on iOS.
  3. Enter the “Memories” section to manage the ones you want to see.
  4. There you can “Hide people and pets” by selecting the faces of those you prefer not to see in your memories or the names of the faces that Google Photos automatically recognizes and classifies. If you prefer to “Hide dates”, simply select the day or days you want them to disappear.
  5. In addition, you can stop Google Photos from notifying you about some or all memories by tapping on “Notifications”. On the next page, within the “Memories” section, simply uncheck the three available options: memories from previous years, themed memories, and creations.

How to disable Apple Photos memories in iOS?

Although one of the new features that iOS 15 will bring is more control over the ‘Moments’ feature in Photos, let’s explain the options currently offered by iOS 14:

  1. If the Photos app shows you a memory you’d rather avoid, press and hold the video or photo and tap the “Suggest fewer memories like this” button below the image. That said, note that iOS 14 doesn’t offer options to exclude certain people or dates from its Memories feature.
  2. You can also go into the “For you” section at the bottom of the screen. There, among the many memories, find the photo or video you don’t want to see and press and hold to get the same menu and choose “Suggest fewer memories like this one”.
  3. If you directly want to prevent Photos from notifying you of new Memories, go to Settings > Notifications > Photos > Memories and disable “Allow notifications”. Just keep in mind that if you’ve added the Photos widget to your iPhone’s home screen, the images in your Featured Memories collection may also appear there.
  4. To remove a particular memory from the list, touch and hold it until a menu appears, where you should select “Remove from featured photos”.
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