Use Google Calendar to plan your day!

Use Google Calendar to plan your day!

By Valentina Tuta

You probably already know how to use Google Calendar for schedule meetings. But did you know that you can use this app to plan your entire day? You just have to learn what tools and features to use and with these simple tips you’ll easily get it! 

Try these simple tips to get the most out of Google Calendar

Change Your View

To begin with, remember that it’s recommended to log in to your Google account in order to make it easier. There, you’ll be able to use the view drop-down box at the top for your preferred view. 

For instance, to plan your day, you can pick “Day” in the drop-down list and then use the arrows at the top to move to the following day. On the other hand, if you want to plan the whole work week, you can do so by choosing “Week”. 

Furthermore, you can customize your view options to see only what you want.

You can click the gear icon on the top right and pick “Settings” and then, expand General on the left and choose “View Options.”

To the right, you can use the check boxes to show weekends or reduce the brightness of past events and use the drop-down boxes to select which day to start your week or set up a custom view.

Besides, as it’s so easy to switch between views, you’ll always know what’s coming up. You can even see a nice view of the current day by choosing “Schedule” in the drop-down box.

Set Up Tasks

There’s another way in which you can use Calendar to keep in mind all the things you have to do during your day. You see, Google Calendar actually has an integration with Google Tasks, so you can create daily to-dos and see them on your calendar with your other events and appointments.

If you don’t know how to use this feature, you just have to select the Main Menu icon (three lines) on the top left of the Calendar screen. Once there, be sure to expand “My Calendars” in the sidebar and you’ll be able to check the box for Tasks to display these on your main calendar.

Moreover, you can even give your personal tasks specific colors, so that you can remember them better. If you’d like a specific color for your tasks, place your cursor over the Tasks calendar on the left. Click the three dots and choose the color.

To finish, you can create your own tasks by clicking on a specific date or time on the calendar and choosing “Task” at the top of the event pop-up window. Take into account that you have to give your task a name, add a time if it’s not an all-day task, and choose the task list. Optionally, you can make it repeat and include a description. Click “Save.” To mark a task complete, select the event on your calendar and click “Mark Completed.” Alternatively, open Tasks in the sidebar and mark the circle next to the task.

Use Reminders

This tool works similar to the previous one and you can add them to your view and create reminders in the event pop-up window as well. One difference between reminders and tasks is that reminders do not appear in the side panel. 

If you need to create a reminder, you have to follow the same steps as if you were creating a task. However, instead of checking the box for “Task”, you’re going to mark the “Reminders” option.

Make Repeating Events, Tasks, or Reminders

Okay, but what if I don’t have enough time to create the same event everyday? If you have events, tasks, or reminders that occur regularly, you can set them to repeat. For example, if you use the time blocking technique, you may set up an event to manage emails every morning from 9am to 10am.

Thus, when you create the event, task, or reminder, select the Does Not Repeat drop-down box. You can then pick “Daily” to have it recur each day at the time you select at the top. 

Alternatively, you can pick “Custom” to have it repeat every other day or each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as examples. Finally, after you set up the remaining details for the event, task, or reminder, click “Save.”


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