Why We Focus on AI

Why We Focus on AI

By camilaforero

The information that we will see below is about the perspective on the beneficial and transformative potential of AI that Google has with its services, as well as the focus on being bold and responsible during the development of AI for the use of users.

Artificial Intelligence is known as the science of making everything smarter and Google includes products such as Google Search, Google Photos, Google Maps, Google Workspace, Google Translate. The idea of AI is to make these products much more useful in society and in the future.

Why AI

The main mission of the development of AI is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful, so it is expected that with this tool it can help people and that their lives are much better, and to achieve this, Artificial Intelligence is necessary.

What we think about AI

With Artificial Intelligence it is expected to be able to have convincing and useful benefits for people and society, and above all through its ability to help, complement, empower and inspire people in almost all fields of human activity, thanks to the fact that it is a fundamental and transformative technology.

The objective:

Google has researched to develop a more capable and useful AI, bringing revolutionary innovations to the real world with the purpose of helping people and benefiting society, with the infrastructure, tools, products and services that Google has.

Many of the innovations that are created are part of the lives of many people and help them in various aspects of their lives, as well as innovations that help communities, businesses, companies, organizations, and in general the whole of society. It is expected that technological innovations will continue to advance, and that Artificial Intelligence will go hand in hand to become more and more incorporated into people’s lives.

Development and use of AI 

Google works hard to ensure that AI is used responsibly, as it is still an emerging technology, which poses various complexities and evolving risks throughout its process. It is expected to apply ethical principles based on human values in the development of AI, as the company is committed to leading and setting the standard in the development and delivery of useful and beneficial applications.

In the same way, the evolution of the approaches will be seen advancing as it is learned from the research, the experience, the users and the community in general that is included in this process of the development of Artificial Intelligence.

In order for Artificial Intelligence to innovate and come to help and benefit all people in society and in different fields of life, the risks must also be mitigated, everything must work together in order to achieve the objectives planned by Google.

Also, there has to be a collective effort, which involves Google, researchers, developers, governments, users whether they are companies, organizations or individuals, and also regulators and citizens. In this way, where everyone is included, trust is more present in AI and above all to know that this AI will fulfill its potential to benefit people and society.

We hope that in this new year 2023 we will have more news about the innovation and development of AI.

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