Turn off your Google Assistant

Turn off your Google Assistant

By auroraoddi

Google Assistant is Google’s voice assistant available on smartphones with an Android operating system. It is activated by “Hey Google” and can answer all your questions. Besides that, it can call the number on your phonebook you wish to contact, then read the messages and notifications coming on your phone. Despite all its features, if you are not interested in using it, Syrus will guide you step by step to help you see how to turn off your Google Assistant.

You may have the need to turn it off if you are a very privacy-conscious person and therefore do not want Google to listen in on your conversations. For some people then the voice assistant might be annoying, since it pops up every time you press the Home button. Or you want to turn it off for both reasons. So let’s see how to turn off the Google Assistant. Be careful, however, before disabling the voice assistant, make sure that you can do this from your smartphone. In fact, not all devices allow you to disable this feature.

Turn off Google Assistant

If you want to disable Google Assistant here are the steps you need to follow:

  • directly on your smartphone open the Google app
  • now tap on More and then on Settings
  • now tap on the Voice Assistant item
  • go to the Assistant tab
  • scroll down until you get to the Phone item
  • now tap on the item in question
  • a screen will now open and turn off Google Assistant

At this point your voice assistant will stop working.

Turn off the “Hey Google” command

Google’s settings also give you the option to disable the “Hey Google” command if you want to prevent the voice assistant from hearing your voice every time it hears the command. To get rid of this feature all you need to do is go to Google Assistant settings. Let’s see how:

  • always on your smartphone open the Google app
  • tap on the Other item
  • now open the Settings item
  • select Voice
  • now tap on Voice Match
  • a screen will open where you can turn off the Sign in with Voice Match option to disable the Hey Google command

You have the option of disabling “Hey Google” without turning off the voice assistant from your smartphone. You can in fact, through the Android settings, remove the microphone permission to the Google app. Proceed in this way to remove the microphone permission:

  • open the Android settings on your smartphone
  • under Apps you can find the section with permissions
  • open Microphone
  • now turn off Google

Or proceed like this:

  • on your smartphone, go to the list of installed apps
  • tap on Settings
  • under Apps, tap on Google
  • go into Permissions to remove the one dedicated to the microphone

Turn off Google Assistant with Home

Instead, in this section we look at how we can turn off Google Assistant via the Home button. In fact, with Google Assistant, being a feature built into the Android operating system, you have the option of ending its power on when you hold down the Home button. To do this you need to remove Google Assistant as the default application. Here’s how to do it:

  • on your smartphone, go to Android Settings
  • go to the Apps section and search for Default Apps
  • among them look for Assistance and voice commands
  • now change the assistance app entry, remove Google and set it to None

Now you can turn off the Google Assistant in any way and manner.

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