Change this 10 Samsung Galaxy Default Settings

Change this 10 Samsung Galaxy Default Settings

By julianapardogonzalez

Default Settings 

This is the most convenient and fastest way to get a new device or any type of software up and running. However, it is by far not the safest: accepting the default configuration in any of these cases can endanger the confidential information of any company. 

The default configuration is none other than the one predetermined by the manufacturer and which, among other things, stipulates the default password of a router or the applications that accompany an operating system. Its existence has no other objective than usability: to make it easy to start up something new, without the need for prior configuration. In fact, three or four clicks are enough to start enjoying the product in question if you accept these options. 

Android and the Default Settings  

As common with the Android mobiles, you cannot deny they have an abundance of settings. You do not have to change a ton of them to improve your experience, but there are some things you will want to give extra attention. In this case, we will be focused on the Samsung Galaxy. 

Change the System Color Palette 

Even, when Google introduced a new way to theme your phone with Android 12. Samsung’s implementation is different from Google’s, but it still allows you to change the system theme based on your wallpaper. 

And you can apply the “Color Palette” to the Quick Settings buttons, the background color of the notification shade, as well as the colors in system apps and in some third-party apps.  

Customize the Lock Screen Shortcuts 

These shortcuts can be any app you want. As an example, you can swipe left or right on the shortcuts to quickly launch the apps without unlocking the phone. In this case, by default, Samsung puts shortcuts to the Phone and Camera on the lock screen. 

Customize the Lock Screen Clock 

You can customize the clock with a few distinctive styles and color options. It is a straightforward way to freshen up the look of your lock screen, which you see many times throughout the day. 

Disable Bixby from the Power Button 

Few people like Samsung’s virtual assistant, yet the company ties it to the Power Button by default.  

If you do not use Bixby, you should take the Power Button back. You can restore the power button’s original function, which is to show the options for “Power Off” and “Restart.” At least Samsung gives us the option. 

Get Rid of Duplicate Apps 

Getting double notifications from Samsung and Google Calendar is super annoying. This, happen because Samsung includes many of its own apps that duplicate similar apps that are also pre-installed by Google. 

Unfortunately, some of Samsung’s default apps cannot be fully removed. But you can uninstall or disable the app. 

Mute Calls by Flipping Your Phone 

The days of slamming dramatically your phone down to end a call are gone. However, you can still achieve a similar effect with a feature that allows you to flip your phone to mute incoming calls. 

With this feature, you can flip the phone or put your hand on top of the screen to stop the ringing. 

Show the Battery Percentage in the Status Bar 

It is a simple thing to toggle on, and you will be able to know exactly when your phone needs some extra juice. Since, the battery percentage is indicated by how full the battery icon is in the status bar. 

Stop Apps from Being Killed in the Background 

There are a couple of settings you will want to look at to ensure apps are running correctly in the background. You can also give individual apps permission to always run to ensure you never miss notifications from them. 

Switch to Gesture Navigation 

The new, is the gesture-based navigation. One UI on Galaxy phones is no different, but Samsung still uses the old three-button navigation style by default.  

You should try at least give the gesture navigation a shot. It gives you more screen real estate and works well once you get the hang of it. 

Undo Typing with a Gesture 

The Samsung Keyboard on Galaxy phones includes an “Undo” feature that is not enabled by default. In this detail, “Undo” will remove the last few words you typed, not the individual characters. All you must do is swipe across the keyboard with two fingers. The one downside is you lose the swipe typing if you enable this feature. 



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