Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Go

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Go

By camilaforero

CES has started, where we can find a wide variety of technology in this event, the most influential technology event in the world, in which you can find the proving ground for cutting-edge technologies and global innovators. Only affiliates of the consumer technology industry participate in this event, and also many influential companies around the world, in which we find Amazon, Google, LG, Sony, Microsoft, Samsung, among others well known to all.

This year’s event runs January 5 through January 8 in Las Vegas. And this year Samsung started with some announcements before the conference, where we could see the new Galaxy Book 2 Go, which is a new model of its excellent line of laptops with ARM technology that has been loved by all users.

Book Go

Following the launch of Samsung’s Book Go, or also known as Galaxy Book Go, which features a lightweight design and advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon low-power computing platform, as well as responsive and instant performance that consumes less power, something that has been quite important in this design both for the users, as well as the company and the environment. If you want to know more about other Galaxy devices by Samsung, you can check them by clicking here.

Galaxy Book 2 Go

Now we find the successor of the Book Go, this is the Galaxy Book 2 Go, which is an everyday notebook equipped with an ARM chip. With this new design we have the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c+ Gen 3 SoC, this system makes this laptop 40% faster in CPU performance and being up to 35% faster in graphics power, which makes this new design awesome


We also find the chip of this design is manufactured in TSMC’s 6nm node and, being ARM and despite its high performance, allows impressive battery life to be achieved. So you think about it and get the idea that it should have a charge for the whole day or for example if you are playing a video the device should have a battery life of up to 21 hours.


This newly designed Book Go, the Galaxy Book 2 Go has a 14-inch IPS LCD screen coupled with 180-degree hinge and Full HD resolution, it also weighs 1.44 kg / 3.17 lbs and measures just 15.5mm thick.

However, so far we do not have complete information about other important features such as RAM, exact battery size or storage, still we will probably have all the information and we will know more and more about the details once this laptop appears on store shelves around the world.


The Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Go will be available to buy from January 20 only in France, and will be exclusively through Samsung’s website for other countries for the time being. Therefore we hope that once the device is available for purchase in France, the Samsung website and in other countries of the world, we will be able to have much more information about the important details of this laptop, and thus choose between buying it or reviewing other devices.

Even so, after knowing the previous design that is the Book Go, there are a lot of expectations for this new design, from its battery, and the rest of its features and functions that are quite important and have been well liked by all Samsung users.