5 Best Hosting Providers For WordPress


Are you planning to set up a new website or blog on WordPress?

If yes, your major concern right now would be to select the best hosting provider. When it comes to hosting, it is a crucial decision. In order to keep your site safe and run smoothly, it is very important to choose the correct hosting provider.

The selection of the wrong hosting provider would lead to so many issues. By choosing the wrong hosting service, the site will take long to load, your site or blog would get crashed very often, and your site’s data would not be safe.

While choosing a hosting service provider, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. You need to consider speed, uptime, and customer support. All of these factors are really very important.

In this post, I’ll help you find the best hosting for the WordPress blog or website you are starting out. Here are the best WordPress hosting service providers:

1. Bluehost

The number one hosting service provider on our list is Bluehost. It is considered as the best hosting small businesses and small bloggers who are just getting started with the website creation process on the WordPress platform. So if you are just getting started, choosing Bluehost could be a great idea.

Bluehost performs well in all three crucial factors – site’s uptime, site’s speed, and customer support. It provides 99.99% uptime, 390 ms loading time, and 24/7 customer support. Some other features you will get with Bluehost are one-click WordPress installation, SSL certification (https), and free domain name for 1 year.

2. Siteground

Another popular hosting service provider on our list is Siteground. This is also a great hosting service provider for people who are getting started with WordPress site creation. Since 2004, this company has grown a large network of more than 800,000 domain names around the world. The good thing about Siteground is it allows you to change your data center locations from Europe to the USA.

Siteground is also good at all the three major factors for hosting service selection – uptime, speed, and customer support. It offers 99.98% uptime, the loading speed of 629 ms, and 24/7 live chat support. Some other features provided by this hosting service provider are Google cloud servers, SSL certificate (https), and free e-mail.

3. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is another cost-effective and well-known hosting service for the WordPress platform. With great loading speed and responsive customer support, all the plans provided by A2 Hosting comes with free SSL certificate (https), free Cloudflare CDN, unlimited SSD storage, and unlimited bandwidth. This is really a great deal by A2 Hosting at such a less price. And, just like SiteGround, with A2 Hosting as well, you can change server locations.

Talking about site speed, loading time, and customer support of A2 Hosting, the results are pretty great. A2 Hosting provides the site’s uptime of 99.93%, the loading time of 295 ms, and it offers 24/7 live chat. Some other features you will get with this hosting provider are fast servers, free SSL certificate, and free CDN.

4. HostGator

HostGator is also the popular hosting service provider for WordPress. Do you know it hosts more than 10 million domains, which makes them one of the most popular hosting providers? Just like Bluehost, at Hostgator as well, you will find a separate hosting service especially for the creation of the WordPress website. So if you have decided to go with only and not with any other platform, it is a good idea to go with Hostgator.

HostGator offers an uptime of 99.99%, the site’s loading time of 369 ms, and it provides 24/7 live chat. Apart from this, other features provided by this hosting provider are free site transfer & backups and WordPress optimized servers.

5. Hostinger

Hostinger is for those who are looking for a cheap hosting service for their WordPress website. At Hostinger, you will find different plans for WordPress platform – WordPress Starter, WordPress Premium, and WordPress Business. Each of these plans offers different features. The company is from Europe and its data centers are at USA, Asia, and Europe. Like Siteground and A2 Hosting, this hosting service provider does not offer the option to choose a data center.

With Hostinger, you will get 99.93% uptime, the loading time of 339 ms, and 24/7 live chat customer support. Some other features provided by this company are free e-mail account and free SSL.


So these are the five best hosting service providers for WordPress. For a newbie, it can be tough to choose the right hosting provider. So, if you are planning to create a new website or blog, you should go with any of these hosting service providers.