Christmas news coming to Android

Christmas news coming to Android

By dayannastefanny

When this device is installed on a smartphone, it is possible to find new possible display options to suit the users’ needs. Some of the things you can change are contrast, font type, and font size. As a result, the platform introduced a new text-to-speech feature with a level of control that can be adjusted according to the user’s taste for that reason, Google has announced the launch of new features for its mobile operating system (Android), with a new reading system to create accessible information for visually impaired people, as well as options that can be displayed in different sizes, font, and text-to-speech.

New Android features

Christmas collages in Google Photos and the reading system

The company announced that its new reading system can provide an “accessible reading experience that can benefit people who are blind, visually impaired or have reading difficulties” and the company has offered more details about new features of its operating system that, according to the brand, were designed to help some users “feel the spirit of Christmas” and among which include new tools for Google Photos.

First, Google has recalled that this application recently added several styles to the ‘collage’ editor and that, in view of the upcoming December holidays, users will be able to find several unique designs that were produced by artists such as DABSMYLA and Yao Cheng Design.

New YouTube widget

This is a shortcut to the YouTube search bar as a widget where you can quickly find your favorite music and videos without installing the app. In addition, it includes Home Shorts, Shorts, Subscriptions, and Library.

those who have discovered these new options offered by YouTube widgets to improve the user experience with an Android phone or tablet, regarding the functionality offered by the new YouTube widgets for Android phones and tablets, it is worth noting that for starters there is now a new option called “Search YouTube” that will allow you to search much faster.

Once you click on this button, you will see that the YouTube app opens in search mode and the keyboard is configured, so you just type what you want. On the other hand, the new YouTube widget for Android also includes new actions that are faster than simple searches. All you need to do is choose the widget size you are most interested in.

New Gboard emojis for Christmas

Another new feature of this updated package for Android is ‘Emoji Kitchen’, a service that allows you to customize ‘stickers’ and combine several of them with a Christmas theme. For example, you can put a wolf, followed by a snowman, and Google will make a combination of both and create a new one.

Digital car key

What once may have seemed like something out of science fiction or a Hollywood movie, today there are cars that use a digital key (called a card or smartphone) to start the vehicle instead of a traditional key. This is already seen in Tesla brand cars, for example. It is well known that it is only a matter of time before this technology becomes widespread in the market.

Companies like Apple and Samsung have already entered this new arena and are starting to offer users a range of such features. Now, totally connected to this is the Android digital key. Simply put, the Android digital key is a feature that allows you to lock, unlock and even start your car from your mobile device. To do this, you need to place your phone near the door to unlock it and place your phone on the car key reader to turn it on.

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