How to Customize the Google Search Widget on Your Android Home Screen

How to Customize the Google Search Widget on Your Android Home Screen

By ypaolavc

Among the most widely used electronic devices are cell phones, as they are very practical to carry everywhere and with them you can perform a large number of actions such as: calls, videos, photos, searches, email management and you can access different applications of choice. Nowadays, these mobile devices give the facility to customize widgets, as each user has different tastes and needs, so below we will explain you about How to customize the Google Search widget on your Android home screen.

But ¿What is a Widget?

A Widget is a small interactive application, with this tool you can easily access certain functions of the apps you have downloaded on your Android.

Customize the Google Search widget on your Android

  1. You need to add the Search widget to the homepage, to do this, tap and hold an empty space on your home screen, then press and hold the Search widget, now slide it to where you want the widget and drop it there.
  2. Once this is done, open the Google app.
  3. While there, at the bottom right, tap More > Customize widget.
  4. Now, press the icons at the bottom, you can customize the color, shape, transparency and Google logo.
  5. Once you have made these changes to your liking, click on Done. It’s that easy.

At any time you can reset your search widget settings to default style, you must perform the above steps 2 and 3, and at the bottom, click on Reset to default style > Done.

Or instead, what you want is to Remove (takes the app off your home screen only) or Uninstall (takes the app off your Android) the Search widget, you must touch and hold it, then drag it up, there should appear these two options and select the action you want to perform. It is important to be clear that you will only be able to do this with a device that is not too old, otherwise it may not allow you to do this.

Finally, you can resize a widget, those that allow this action, when you tap and hold on the widget, you will get an outline with dots on the sides, if so, drag the dots to resize you prefer and then just touch an area outside the widget and that’s it, you have it at the size you like.

With the Google app widget, you can search for information faster on your home screen and the best part, you can customize it on your Android phone with the color, shape and transparency of your preference, so go ahead and enjoy the widgets while keeping your unique style.

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