Here is what to do if Google docs won’t open

Here is what to do if Google docs won’t open

By carolc

Oops! Your Google doc just won’t open? We like to refer to this experience as a pleasurable journey to a King’s palace and your eyes can behold the glory of the kingdom but you can’t enter it. Why?

Because, boom! Guards restrain you. It can be a very frustrating experience.

However, today you will gain access to the Master key of the Google docs city. In other words, you will never have to worry when a document can’t be opened. To make things easier, what do you think is the ultimate purpose of a Google doc? It is not just a place to document words or images. No, the personal notebook app on your device should do that.

Everything Google can do

Google does more than just a place for dumping texts or messages. As it is very obvious, one of the things Google has been very intentional about is making information sharing easy. Google search engine lets you gain access to information of all sorts online with the tip of your finger.

Google-mail (Gmail) allows you to send mails to different people all over the world in just a flash. Google meet lets you have a life video chat with people from across the globe with no hassle at all.

Google Hangouts lets you chat with different people all around the world in the most convenient way. There are a number of others but one thing at the heart of it all is: seamless information sharing!

The same is with the Google Document; it is for you to share information, swiftly with anyone you want with complete privacy. This is done by sharing a link. However, this information can only be shared with those you want to share it with. Google Doc has a privacy feature that allows the creator of the document to decide who he wants to allow to have access to the document.

The different privacy feature includes:

  1. Only me
  2. Only those added
  3. Anyone with link.

Why can’t you access a Google doc file

Now, if you can’t access a Google doc, you are in one of the following cases:

  1. The desired document is set to “only me.”
  2. The Google doc is set to “only those added” and you are not added to access the document
  3. The file has a setting of “anyone with link” but you have the wrong link.

Basically, what we have tried to achieve with the three points highlighted above is that, it is never your fault when you can’t access a document. So reach out to the owner of the document and tell them to check the privacy status of the document.

All they have to do is:

  1. Click on the three vertical dots beside the target document.
  2. Click “Manage people and links”
  3. Choose the access status they want which should either be “anyone on the internet with this link.”
  4. Or if they want “only those added” they should input your Gmail address in the space provided after clicking “only those added.”
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