Can you save and forward a Whatsapp status?

Can you save and forward a Whatsapp status?

By carolc

Have you said silently to yourself, “I can’t keep sending every file updated on my WhatsApp status to everyone that demands it?” Not everyone knows how to get your uploaded files from your WhatsApp status. Besides, those files will only be available for 24 hours before they disappear.

WhatsApp status is an open platform for all your contact to access every media file uploaded, except you decide to restrict some personally from viewing your status.

The challenge is they don’t know they could save your WhatsApp status directly with their device, which will allow for multiple sharing of the same file from their device.

Hence rather than demand for the same file that you can save directly from status, there is an easy way to keep your contact’s on WhatsApp status as you so desire.

Methods of saving a Whatsapp status file

There are two significant ways of saving a status file without the help of the sender of the files, and they are:

  1. Through your file manager of file explorer.
  2. Through modified versions of WhatsApp and other related apps.

Modified Versions

Saving WhatsApp status files has become very easy with the various dedicated application designed to capture your desired status in an orderly fashion. Modified versions like Yo WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and other related applications like Xender can be used to save and forward the status files you choose.

To save any status file, you would have to make sure you view the files directly from the contact status so that they can be available for saving on the other versions. Although most of these modified versions are insecure and illegitimate, it is better not to use them.

File Explorer

Every phone has a file manager that stores data that you interact with using your phone apps and exchange data from a phone to another. The WhatsApp program usually has a dedicated folder in your internal storage where related data are stored. The status folder is hidden inside the WhatsApp folder so that you can’t easily access the timed status files.

Procedures to save Whatsapp status in their raw quality

To get this data in their raw quality, which is also the safest way, follow the procedure in the same order:

  1. Before going to your phone storage, the first thing to do is view the desired status on your WhatsApp. This will make the temporary files available on your phone storage.
  2. Visit your file explorer or file manager as the case may be.
  3. Enable show hidden files from your file manager settings.
  4. Navigate through the files to locate your WhatsApp folder.
  5. Open the media folder inside the WhatsApp folder.
  6. On the top of is the “.statuses” folder, which contains the viewed status on WhatsApp.
  7. Move or copy the selected files inside your phone storage.

If you want to save statuses, make sure you do it as soon as you can. These files get deleted automatically after 24 hours. In case you are not concerned about the quality of the picture you want on a status, you can quickly screenshot pictures and other related files.

Still, you won’t do that for a video file except you use one of the first two methods earlier stated. With the steps mentioned above, when followed in this exact fashion, you’ll get it done in a matter of minutes.

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