How to find your Google Account username and password

How to find your Google Account username and password

By carolc

With how much technology has been structured to be part of our lives, a Google account has become a must-have for any person who uses the internet and for social media as well. Creating accounts on the internet be it for whatever application or website requires that you have a Google account.

Nowadays most applications or websites that require one to sign in or log in to an account usually offer the option of signing with Google. This technically means that having a google account is an essential part of living in the 21st century.

Why is it important to have a Google account?

Having a Google account that you use on the regular is very important. This is because a Google account is a multipurpose account and by having it, you get to experience so many wonderful features and services listed below:

  • Opening a Google account provides you with another way of communication which is via Google mail. This means you can receive and send emails to other people or even companies’ emails.
  • Once you link your sign in accounts to your Google account, you to be able to log in to most of your accounts with your Google account details; email and password.
  • Saving your media and documents on your Google accounts allows you to synchronize and back up data that is stored in Google data clouds. This allows you to synchronize data such as contacts and important calendar dates across all your devices with the email.
  • Your Google account comes with your drive which is a free cloud storage that allows you to get 15 gigabytes worth of free space. This space is occupied by your mail, your backed-up photos, music and videos and documents, and your Google drive.
  • Last but not least, your Google account allows you to synchronize all your application on all your devices so long as you remain logged in those applications in all your devices.

What if you already have a Google account and want to retrieve your password and Google account username? Follow the steps discussed below:

How do you retrieve your Google account username and password?

Recovering your Google account username and password is not a hard thing to do. It is just a matter of following a few simple steps and you will be good to go.

Here are the simple and easy steps to retrieve your accounts username and password when you cannot remember your username:

  1. Go to the Gmail username recovery page on your browser.
  2. In the email field provided, enter the recovery email you had linked to your previous account and click on submit.
  3. There will be some distorted pictures with letters in them. You are meant to type down the letters you can see in the corresponding field and click on submit.
  4. Once you do the above, a list of the usernames that have ever been associated with the recovery email you have input will be sent to the email address you have submitted.

How do you create Google account?

If you have reached this far and you haven’t created a Google account, just stop and create one. It does not take much time.

Here is what you need to do to open a Google account:

  • Click on the link above and fill in your details in the appropriate fields.
  • Create a strong password and click on the sign-in option.

The above is what you need to know about Google accounts and how to retrieve Google usernames and passwords for your account. For more information, click here.

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