How to upgrade PrestaShop to latest version

How to upgrade PrestaShop to latest version

By carolc

Yeah, so now you know that PrestaShop is a free website builder tool for e-commerce platforms and you as a business owner would like to enjoy the possibilities of this tool. Congratulations!

However, the online space is the most evolving thing ever physically seen by mankind. Things happen by the second and if you don’t keep up to date with things as they move, you will miss out on a lot. For example, if you ignore updating your PrestaShop, you most likely will lose out on security updates. Basically, one day of delaying upgrading is one extra day of being prone to security hacks because each upgrade mostly comes with better security fixes.

We mean, that’s the point of upgrading isn’t it? If you don’t, you will just find yourself losing out on features your competitors are enjoying, thereby killing your business and leaving profits on the table.

How you upgrade to the latest PrestaShop on your own

Before starting the updating process, you should have the security that you have a complete safe backup of all the database. If you have a full backup, continue to follow the below mentioned steps to upgrade the PrestaShop on your own.

Step 1: Get the newest version of PrestaShop from their official website.

Step 2: Make a new folder. Now from the archive, extract the files. Give another name to the Admin folder.

Step 3: Type the existing name (the folder name  which can be found on the server).

Step4: In the file:/src/PrestaShopBundle/Install/Upgrade.php of the Run function you will see the following two lines:

  • $this->upgradeDoctrineSchema();
  • $this->enableNativeModules();

Delete both of them.

Deleting the first line will take you to a white screen. Deleting the second line will give you access to all the modules of PrestaShop.

Step 5: From /app/config/ in the website, download parameters.php. Save it in the folder in the same manner.

Step 6: Get rid of the file custom.css by deleting it from your new folder.

If you are previously using module ps_facetedsearch for the price range slider, delete it.

Step 7: Now, make another archive in a way that when it is opened, it’s consists of no internal folders.

After that, the FTP client can be used to put the new archive on the server of the website core. Use cPanel to extract the files from the archive folder. Before this, activate the function which displays that the website is under the process of maintenance: Click on “shop”. Now select “shop parameters.” Go to “general.” Now select “tab Maintenance.”

Step 8: Follow the following link


It will lead you to a page showing “the website is updated successfully.”

Step 9: Activate the source code to verify the upgrade process. If you see the word “OK”, the error represents a notification according to the hph version of your website. To get the security of the update process of PrestaShop, do as follows.

Go to PHPM y Admin on your website. Now select your database. Enter SELECT after clicking on the  SQL button.

Step 10: Delete the Install folder.

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