Crave To Win Every Bubble Shooter Game? Here Are Seven Tricks To Master

Crave To Win Every Bubble Shooter Game? Here Are Seven Tricks To Master

By Redazione

Believe it or not, the simple-looking Bubble Shooter game is one of the most famous games on the Internet. The adrenaline rush gamers experience popping colorful bubbles is unparalleled and watching those bubbles dissipate with every accurate shot takes away the player’s frustrations and stresses. But, if you haven’t tried your hand at this game yet, you don’t know the fun you’re missing. 

The Bubble Shooter game appears to be straightforward, and the goal is simple. Aim and shoot at similarly colored bubbles to burst them and earn points. But the game isn’t as easy as it looks, and there are several obstacles along the way that you must overcome to score higher than other online players. For instance, a timer keeps ticking away on the game screen and makes the game challenging. The time limitation keeps gamers on their toes because they have to score the most before the timer elapses.

Furthermore, the lines of bubbles are constantly moving and trying to come to the bottom of the screen where the little cannon stands to defend the ground. If the bubbles reach the cannon’s aim successfully, the game’s over. Also, every shot isn’t a straight shot. Therefore, players must develop ways to clear the path to reach the bubble clusters. 

Fortunately, Bubble Shooter tips help players workaround challenges and increase their winning chances. Below are the tricks you need to master to become a Bubble Shooter champion. 

  • Practice aiming at the walls to enhance your range of shooting 

When bubbles from the cannon are shot at the walls on either side of the game screen, they bounce against it and change their course. Usually, this trajectory change enables players to hit and burst bubbles in hard-to-reach places. 

Thus, the most vital strategic element in the game is the walls—practice aiming at the walls to see how the bounce effect impacts your shot. Also, watch which bubbles you are reaching using the bounce instead of a straight shot and find out if it is possible to utilize the bounce to get rid of a group of hanging bubbles. 

  • Focus on creating and detaching hanging bubble clusters 

The goal is to clear as many bubbles as possible in the arcade puzzle game. It can be obtained by directly shooting and bursting the bubbles or severing their connection to the puzzle. Bubbles fall when they’re not attached to other bubbles and explode as they hit the game screen’s bottom. The tactic can help you eliminate several rows of bubbles instantly with the least amount of shots. 

Moreover, the detached bubbles are worth more than the popped ones. So, detaching will help you earn more points. 

  • Clear the game screen’s walls 

Bouncing bubbles on the walls let you burst bubbles that would be impossible to reach with a straight shot. But to successfully bounce your shots on the walls, you must ensure there’s access to the walls. So, try to clear the lateral bubbles first to bounce your bubbles higher. 

  • Bounce your shots between the walls 

Players can practice bouncing their shots between the walls in line with the first tip. After that, the trajectory of your shot will significantly change due to a double or a triple bounce while keeping the range low. 

The bouncing between the walls trick is particularly helpful when there’s a barrier of bubbles in front of your cannon, which prevents you from aiming at the clusters of bubbles in the puzzle’s center. 

  • Carefully analyze the game screen and look for big groups of bubbles of similar colors 

The trick to quickly and easily progress in the game is eliminating big groups of bubbles. For example, if you see several bubbles of the same color connected, it means a single shot will burst them all. 

When you clear a big group, you get to clear a wide path within the puzzle and access the upper bubbles. 

  • Never make the mistake of stacking bubbles 

One of the most useful Bubble Shooter tricks is to avoid stacking bubbles. Understandably, a challenging aspect of the game is not always getting to shoot the color you require or want. Therefore, you must strategize and not try to pop the first bubble that comes in your line of vision. If you do that, you’ll run out of ammunition very soon, and the game may end. 

At some point in the game, you’re bound to find yourself shooting bubbles without popping any while you wait for the right color. In such a situation, the ideal strategy is to spread your shots along the width of the puzzle. You must avoid stacking them at all costs. 

There are two critical reasons why stacking is a bad idea. First, stacking diminishes your chances of reaching the bubbles in the upper lines of the puzzle. If the bubbles touch the bottom bar or your cannon, you will lose the game. Second, stacking bubbles creates a vertical bubble wall within the puzzle, and based on the location of the wall, it might block the important cluster of bubbles or make the bouncing walls useless.

  • Create groups of bubbles that are easily detachable 

As aforementioned, you must spread out the unwanted bubbles along the puzzle’s width and keep away from stacking them. Also, it would help if you were smart about the placement of these bubbles to transform them into profitable assets that will increase your points. An effective trick is to place the unwanted bubbles over a broad group of bubbles of similar color or ensure they are placed between two bubbles of the same color. In both instances, it means you need one bubble to pop that pair or group.   

Interestingly, all the tips and tricks mentioned above are valid. They can help you overcome the challenges and win almost every Bubble Shooter battle. 

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