What is ClipClaps and how does it work?

What is ClipClaps and how does it work?

By carolc

Among the countless number of mobile applications that exist, those designed to earn money are one of the most downloaded. Such is the case of ClipClaps, an app that easily and from the comfort of your home, allows you to obtain additional earnings.

What is ClipClaps?

It is an application for mobile devices that offers rewards to users just for watching funny videos, or playing some of the games it includes.

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can download it from any country without any inconvenience.

ClipClaps Features

  • You receive your rewards through PayPal.
  • The first time you must have a total of $ 0.10 to withdraw your winnings. From then on the minimum to make withdrawals is $ 10.
  • ClipClaps can be downloaded and used by people from any country.
  • It has a referral system. People you invite receive up to $ 1 when they start using the app, and you receive prizes in diamond chests.
  • The rewards obtained are called Clapcoins, which can be converted into US dollars.

How does ClipClaps work?

This application, unlike most apps to make money, does not include advertising. What it does is encourage its users to upload their own videos with fun content to the platform.

People retain the intellectual property right to the clip. But when you publish a video through the app, you grant ClipClaps a license that allows it to do many things with the content.

ClipClaps can, for example, upload the video to a channel or social network for profit. This collection of money is what allows the mobile platform to grant rewards to its users for watching videos, among others.

How to register in ClipClaps?

To proceed with your registration in the application, you must first download it to your cell phone. From the Play Store for Android or from the App Store for iOS.

Once you have it on your device, open it, and it will ask you to log in in one of the following ways:

  • Entering your phone number or
  • Using your Facebook account.

When your session has started immediately you will have access to the entertaining videos and games of the app.

How to make money with ClipClaps?

This application provides you with several options to make a profit.

Watch videos

This is the main option to earn Clapcoins, and it is very simple. All the available content will be presented to you on the app screen. To view it you just have to scroll down.

As you move, it will start playing the video automatically. You can see it in full if it catches your eye, or just move on to the next one.

You will see an orange line located at the bottom of the screen. That line will fill in as you watch a video or continue to scroll down.

It will also start a countdown that will culminate when the orange line reaches the treasure chest located on the far right of your screen. Sometimes you will also see extra chests during the orange line tour.

When the countdown came to an end, you just have to click on the “Rewards” option to open the chest and get your treasure or reward.

Treasure Chests in ClipClaps

In ClipClaps you can get four different types of chests.

  • Copper chest: with this you only get ClapCoins.
  • The silver and gold chests: in addition to giving you Clapcoins they will also give you fragments of tickets for the raffle.
  • The diamond chest: it gives you money and the opportunity to win other prizes.


When you reach for and open gold and silver chests, you get raffle ticket pieces giving you a chance to win ClapCoins or cash prizes.

Once you collect the required number of ticket pieces, you will be able to participate in the corresponding draw. For example, if you want to participate in the $ 10 raffle you need 150 pieces, for the $ 1 drawing you only need 20 shards.

Once you get the required number of pieces, you can choose a card, scratch it and you will get your prize. The prize you win will be added to your ClipClaps balance.

To play

The app includes four fun games: Aquarium, Brainaire, Coin Cat, Texas Holdem, and Scratchers. Aquarium is the most popular game among ClipClaps users.

Whichever option you choose, it will allow you to earn money by meeting certain criteria, while you are distracted and entertained by playing.

To access the games you must go to the “Me” menu of the application, and select the “Game Center” option.

Invite your friends and acquaintances

This is another alternative to make money with ClipClaps. You just have to invite your friends, family and acquaintances to register in the app.

You can send them the invitation in different ways:

  • Using an invitation code
  • Through social networks or
  • Using a QR code

For every guest who signs up in the app, you will win a diamond chest.

In the event that a guest enters after 24 hours, you will receive an extra chest. If they start using ClipClaps in the second week, you will win an additional diamond chest.

Remember that a diamond chest contains cash rewards and other extra prizes, which vary according to your country.

How do you receive ClipClaps earnings?

To withdraw your winnings the first time, you must have a minimum accumulated of $ 0.10. For subsequent withdrawals, the minimum is set at $ 10. Keep in mind that the amount may vary depending on the country.

The withdrawal of the money is done through PayPal, so you must make sure to configure your account in the app. To do this you must go to the “Me” menu, and then click on your username from where you can enter your PayPal account data.

When you withdraw an amount of $ 0.10, ClipClaps does not charge a fee for the operation. But for larger amounts, the app applies a fee of $ 0.25 for each withdrawal operation.

Clapfund by ClipClaps

This is a function that the application includes and that allows you to increase your earnings.

To use it you must go to the “Exchange” section, there you can deposit the Clapcoins you want and obtain additional profits after a set time.

ClipClaps is a very good and also lucrative alternative for those who enjoy entertainment activities and are fans of funny videos. It is a very fun option to earn money.