From a video pioneer in France to a global leader

From a video pioneer in France to a global leader

By auroraoddi

Founded in France in 2005, Dailymotion had a revolutionary intention to enable everyone to create, discover, and share videos on the Internet for free. Over the years, we have worked tirelessly to fulfill this vision by developing an all-in-one video platform that provides advanced capabilities for creating, hosting, distributing, and analyzing videos online. 

Our platform now offers services in 25 languages to over 180 countries, serving over 400 million users worldwide. With over 3,000 satisfied clients and offices in France, the United States, and Singapore, our team of video experts is dedicated to supporting clients globally.

An offer designed for businesses

Our experts have adapted the video technology we have been developing for years for the general public to create an offer specifically dedicated to companies. Dailymotion offers large groups, SMEs, associations, and organizations a way to host and deliver their videos, broadcast them on all channels, and analyze their performance in order to develop their marketing strategy.

Driven by our values

We are a results-oriented team that believes in the importance of innovation, engagement, and collaboration. Our passionate and experienced team is made up of video industry professionals committed to providing our customers with superior video solutions.

100% customizable white-label video Player

The Dailymotion Video Player boasts a white-label solution, empowering businesses to customize its appearance and functionality fully in line with their branding. This includes incorporating logos, tailoring colors, and controlling the Player’s behavior, such as automatic playback, geolocation, access rights, and more. The white-label solution ensures a seamless blend with your brand identity, bolstering your online presence.

Engaging features to drive retention

The Dailymotion Video Player offers a range of engagement-enhancing features like playlists, recommended content, and customizable playback behavior designed to captivate your viewers. By offering personalized content suggestions and playback experiences, the Dailymotion Video Player encourages viewers to remain on your platform, interact with more content, and ultimately boost audience retention.

Flexible monetization options

Choose between an ad-free and ad-enabled video Player to tailor your viewer’s experience based on your business objectives. The ad-enabled version allows for cost-saving measures, while the ad-free Player ensures a seamless, uninterrupted viewing experience. This adaptability enables you to deliver top-notch content and cultivate a dedicated audience while striking the perfect balance between revenue generation and user satisfaction.

A professional rendering

Dailymotion’s live video streaming technology allows seamless and customizable broadcasts with ultra-low latency. Convert live events into VOD content and personalize the streaming experience with features like DVR and secondary stream backup. The platform also offers live streaming analytics and effortless integration with APIs, with 24/7 dedicated support available to ensure a smooth and stable viewing experience.