Wikipoint 2: 3D Revolution in Social Networks for SMEs

Wikipoint 2: 3D Revolution in Social Networks for SMEs

By auroraoddi

In the digital era where small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are facing increasingly challenging hurdles to establish a strong online presence, an innovative solution is gaining momentum. Wikipoint 2, a revolutionary B2B2C platform, is harnessing the power of 3D to give voice to SMEs in an increasingly crowded digital world. This article will delve into the innovative Wikipoint 2 project, examining its features, achievements to date, and future prospects.

A New Digital Channel for SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises face significant challenges in the realm of digital presence, with many of them still lacking a functional website. According to 2022 We Are Social statistics, over 50% of SMEs do not have a website, and less than 10% implement effective social media marketing strategies. This is where Wikipoint comes into play, an innovative platform that creates a 3D Solidarity Social Network.

A Faithfully Reconstructed 3D World

Wikipoint 2 has an ambitious mission: to enable SMEs to create a new channel of digital presence through the faithful reconstruction of iconic real-world locations. Places like New York, Paris, Rome, and Milan come to life in a 3D dimension, allowing anyone to have their virtual office or store within these captivating settings. Access to this virtual world costs only €49 per month, making the opportunity accessible even to resource-constrained SMEs.

Tools for an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Within the platform, SMEs find a comprehensive set of tools that address the fundamental challenges of a digital marketing strategy. These tools help improve visibility to users, generate new contacts (lead generation), and increase online sales. The most interesting aspect is that these tools can be used both inside and outside the 3D virtual world.

An Innovative Digital Experience for Users

For users, Wikipoint represents an evolutionary leap beyond traditional social networks. Wikipoint City is a space where users can explore, connect, and promote real-world causes through a loyalty points system. With the opening of the San Siro Green District, Wikipoint aims to provide 10,000 users with a virtual apartment to showcase content and engage with followers, creating a dynamic community of influencers, artists, and supporters of social causes.

Crowdfunding Success and Impressive Growth

Wikipoint has demonstrated its potential from the outset. In the first round conducted on Mamacrowd, the platform raised an impressive total of €672k with the support of 309 different investors, far exceeding the minimum target.

Even more impressive is the fact that Wikipoint closed its first two fiscal years with profit generation, achieving a 95% increase in revenue. It has also successfully launched six different digital cities, allowing the first 30 customers to have their virtual shop or office.

Future Expansion and Global Ambitions

Wikipoint looks to the future with global ambitions. The Wikipoint 3D Factory, based in Karachi, Pakistan, has been inaugurated to support the creation of digital city models. With the support received so far and expected in this phase, the goal over the next three years is to open 50 digital cities capable of hosting up to 5,000 customers each. The company aims for an EBITDA of over 80% and aims to establish itself as a true social network, attracting the interest of industry giants.

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Investing in Wikipoint 2 means entering a market with immense potential, supporting the digital transformation of SMEs, and promoting real-world social engagement initiatives. With applicable tax benefits of 30% and a promising business model, Wikipoint 2 is a project to keep an eye on. The platform is opening new horizons for SMEs and changing the way businesses interact in the digital world, demonstrating that innovation can open unexpected doors to business success.