The Future of Optics: Revolutionary Technologies and Innovations from Out Of

The Future of Optics: Revolutionary Technologies and Innovations from Out Of

By auroraoddi

The optical industry is constantly evolving, driven by the search for solutions that improve the quality of human vision. Also, that meet the ever-increasing demands of technology-conscious consumers. In this context, companies such as Out Of. Which are defining the future of optics with cutting-edge technologies and innovative products.

Visionaries in Optical Technology

Out Of is a pioneering company dedicated to creating liquid crystal-based lens and optical technology solutions that can instantly adapt to surrounding light without the need for batteries. This revolutionary technology has gained international recognition through major awards, demonstrating its potential to transform the optical industry.

With as many as 9 patents, 6 of which have already been granted internationally, Out Of has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to innovation. The company is currently involved in strategic partnerships with some of the biggest players in the world of optics, sports and motorcycle helmets. Positioning itself as a benchmark for innovation in the industry.

From Skiing to Optical Technology

Out Of was founded by three siblings: Federico, an honors graduate in Physics from the University of Milan, Roberto, an Industrial Designer, and Laura, a Graphic Designer. Their passion for outdoor sports inspired the company from the beginning. The company started by producing ski goggles, always focusing on technology and innovation.

In 2018, Out Of began work on a new liquid crystal lens. This was with the goal of creating a solution that would automatically adapt to the surrounding light in less than a second. Providing uniform vision without the use of batteries. The unveiling of the first prototype on Mamacrowd sparked extraordinary enthusiasm in the community, leading the crowdfunding campaign to exceed the deeded cap by a factor of four, reaching a total of €1 million.

In 2020, Out Of was able to deliver Electra, the first product on the market equipped with this innovative technology. This was thanks to the support of the community. Since then, the company has received numerous requests from major players in the motorcycle helmet industries. Not only that, from the luxury, optical and personal protective equipment sectors. In response to this growing demand, Out Of decided to become a technology provider as well. Offering liquid crystal optical solutions to these partner companies.

Irid®: The Future of B2B Optics

Thus was born Irid®, a B2B brand destined to become recognizable to the end audience as well, following the successful business model of companies such as Gore-Tex, Vibram, and Intel. Irid® promises to further Out Of‘s mission of making vision clearer and more comfortable through optical innovation.

The company has already raised a substantial investment of 3.8 million euros. With the backing of high-profile investors in the world of optics and private equity. In addition, 30 percent tax breaks apply on Out Of 2, making the investment even more attractive.

Commitment to Investors

Out Of demonstrates its commitment to investors through the right of “liquidation preference” reserved for all those who participate in the funding campaign. This means that, in the event of an exit, Out Of’s investors will be the first to receive reimbursement. According to the order of preference stated in the bylaws.

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Out Of is marking a new era in the optical industry with its revolutionary technologies and unwavering commitment to innovation. With strategic partnerships, a broad investor base, and flagship products such as Electra and Irid®, the company is shaping the future of optics and promises to deliver clearer, more comfortable vision to anyone who wants to see the world through cutting-edge lenses. Investing in Out Of represents a unique opportunity to participate in this optical revolution and contribute to its success.