Discover how LARQ’s self-cleaning water bottles work

Discover how LARQ’s self-cleaning water bottles work

By carolc

World’s first water bottle which cleans itself. Sounds strange, right? But they do claim it purifies water and neutralizes the odor. This is an exceptionally designed bottle. Though it’s expensive but it’s so innovative, a different product than all other, one-of-a-kind water bottles. Fill water in it from anywhere in the world, wait some time to let it purify (completing a purifying cycle) and at the end you obtain clean, germs free water. Clean water is a blessing and definitely this a basic human right to drink clean and pure water.

Keeping yourself hydrated is so important for your health. Keeping yourself hydrated means keeping yourself healthy, keeping your metabolism boosted up, and keeping your immunity strong.

Usually the water bottles are not cleaned or washed from inside. They are just filled back with water. Call it laziness or whatever, but most of the people don’t bother cleaning it unless it gives a musty smell or start getting a pale color. LARQ’s insulated stainless steel water purifier is specially designed for this.

Product Specifications

Well, LARQ Bottles come in two types and four sizes. Heaviest of them all is around 500g which is capable of carrying 740ml of liquid inside it. Lightest of them is around 0.4 kilograms (380g). The third one has the most volume, capable of carrying 900ml (946ml to be precise) inside it. And the lightest one, carries 710ml of liquid inside it.

About the two types, one is a single wall with no insulation and the other one comes with insulation hence a little heavier and thicker than the other. Most of the people buy the latter one.

The most bought product (LARQ Bottle 25 oz) weighs a little bit (well not too much but still) weighing 500g. The Bottle being lightweight and easy to handle, lets you carry it comfortably and quite effortlessly. This Stainless-Steel bottle is actually insulated and has a double wall. Its height is around 11 inches (precisely 10.4 inches). And side to side this bottle has a 3-inch diameter. It can contain almost three-fourth of a liter i.e. 740 milliliters of water which is a reasonable and good capacity. Its ability to adjust in all the cupholders is quite commendable. It can refill for two to five times a day, based on an average water intake.

How does it work?

The LARQ Bottle is licensed and patented. The Ultraviolent C technology is used in this innovation. These radiations are not harmful to the human body but are germicidal which helps to sanitize your bottle and purify the water inside it. Just a minute after pressing the button, water is successfully pure. The bottle, on its own, turns on at regular intervals to make the water germs free and the container containing the water. The UV-C light annihilates natural contaminants by decimating their DNA.

How to operate it?

What you need to do as the purchaser is entirely basic. There’s a button on the head of the bottle—push it at the point you need the jug to begin its cleaning cycle (you’ll know when it starts working because it shows a multi colored light, resembling those in Alexa. Lights will illuminate the edges of the head). The cycle takes 60 seconds or 120 seconds in mode which says “Adventure”, apparently for adventuring, has 3 times increment in the UV light intensity.

In the event that you have the top (head/cap) off of the container and unintentionally (or intentionally) you press the button, the lights at the edge light will turn yellow and the UV light won’t turn on. You would prefer not to take UV light to the eye—or any other body part, so far as that is concerned—so we prefer taking this well being precautionary measure.


  • Clean water in a minute
  • Cleaning on its own
  • Inherent Ultraviolent C type rays
  • Twofold wall for protecting
  • Cold Water stays cool all day long
  • Hot Water stays warm for about half a day
  • Stainless solid tempered Steel
  • Lithium-polymer battery which can be recharged
  • Long Lasting Battery time
  • Type C USB Connector
  • Restrictive powder covering
  • Available in so many shades
  • Doesn’t filter water just eliminates harmful microorganisms
  • Doesn’t change the taste
  • Leaves no odor
  • Innovative
  • Smoothly Finished Product
  • Water Proof

Some Cons

  • Not ideal for traveling long
  • Limited Capacity
  • A little heavy for some people
  • UV light doesn’t hit the top of the container, which means it is not Afterall “99.999% germ free”.
  • If you are carrying liquids other than water, the bottle needs to be hand washed after use


One-year long warranty of all the bottles officially purchased from the company via authorized sellers. You will have to register, then you will be able to claim the warranty.

The warranty covers the fix or substitution of any deficient material or segment. In the uncommon case that we can’t fix or supplant the damaged material or part, company will return the money back. It doesn’t cover any issues regarding dents and breakage (after use), misuse or theft.

Return and Replace Policy

There is no return policy for the used product. LARQ is not responsible for the used products if they don’t pass the inspection. The exchange can be made in one-month time after purchase, just in case it passes the inspection. Well the wrong color issues or size difference would be replaced as soon as possible.


Should this product be bought after all? I’ll definitely go with a YES! In spite of the fact that the specialists in this field aren’t really wowed by the innovation, I’ve discovered it to be a commendable buy. It feels great to realize that the Ultraviolent C light is conceivably executing any microbes in the jug and making it a less cordial favorable place for germs. Long story short, buy it, it is good!

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