How to build a WhatsApp bot?

How to build a WhatsApp bot?

By carolc

Understanding how does a ChatBot works, we are going to delve a little deeper into this technology with a trending communication channel; and is a tool that cannot missing in the smart phone of any person today. Of course we refer to the WhatsApp application. WhatsApp Business was recently launched, although it does not really have a framework or free API for the development of ChatBots formally, like Facebook or Telegram.

Thanks to being a simple and comfortable application to use, and that is why it is so popular. It is well worth the effort to find a way to achieve autonomous interactions with people through this tool to enhance our commercial work or other interests related potentially to conversational marketing. In this article we will learn how to create a Bot for WhatsApp and have a more solid understanding to achieve it by applying the best practices. Which would help us interact with other people more efficiently by answering questions or confirming appointments in real time, thus improving the user experience and saving us a great deal of valuable time. In addition, the encryption of WhatsApp also makes it an easy and safe way to communicate with them in real time.

How to build a WhatsApp bot?

Let us say that we already have a defined strategy and a clear design of what we want to achieve. Creating a ChatBot for WhatsApp is easy when you have a clear strategy of how to do it. ChatBots for WhatsApp build is similar to Facebook Messenger but offers more flexibility in customization. Although the use of a ChatBot can be applied to any area of business such education, finance, travel & hospitality, it is clear that where the greatest potential has been found is in eCommerce through marketing and customer service.

When we are building a ChatBot we must take the following into consideration:

  • Interactions should help in goals business achievement.
  • We do not need to have artificial intelligence advanced knowledge but just a good idea.
  • Define the conversation by answering the where, when and how should who talk about what.
  • Ask ourselves questions like: what goals it will have? what kind of tone should it use? what should it talk about? do we want to offer a guided or a freeform dialogue? how should it react to questions that can’t answer? That also includes thinking about how our bot should respond to paradoxically unanswered questions.

WhatsApp Business API

Broadly speaking, there are two ways to create a WhatsApp bot: hire a development or create it through an existing platform. One way of building ourselves a ChatBot for WhatsApp messaging app is by using WhatsApp Business API. ChatBots on WhatsApp can be rule-based or use natural language processing for a more natural human experience; and they can communicate with users instantly and asynchronously, and in a personalized way.

Prior to use WhatsApp Business API it would be necessary to ensure that we match their criteria, activate phone numbers and get our WhatsApp message templates to be approved. We can select to be a customer or a solution provider; also our business name, website URL, and company representative name and information is required. Once our request has been reviewed and approved, we can start using the WhatsApp API.

A platform

Then we need a platform to create the ChatBot and thus not do it from scratch; as well as a host in a database. WhatsApp requires that the WhatsApp Business API client be hosted on a database which ensures that end-to-end encryption is maintained. By using a ChatBot application, we can create a mockup of the application before producing the full version. This makes it easy to see what changes need to be made before spending more time and money on WhatsApp bot production.

An existent platform can help us save time when creating ChatBots for WhatsApp. By having the ability to test it, we can ensure that it works well by responding to users, correcting errors, and verifying its functionality, which will ensure that the product will be of high quality and that it is ready to improve the user experience.

WhatsApp ChatBot tools

There are several WhatsApp ChatBot tools that we can use to design it and attract users; and some of them allows to create a generic bot that can be deployed in a variety of channels. By doing this, not only we can save our users time and improve their experience, but also we can create a bond of trust and loyalty that can go a long way.

Below we will mention some of them:

  • Landbot is a user-friendly solution for creation of conversational apps with or without NLP without coding; helps to optimize every step of user journey.
  • ChatCompose lets us to create a ChatBot for WhatsApp and test it even before our account at WhatsApp Business API be approved.
  • Agentbot offers the opportunity to build conversation flows and a decision tree with an easy-to-use design that helps to quickly build the most effective conversation flow.
  • Twilio is a cloud communications platform that also allows make and receive phone calls, text messages, and other communication functions using its APIs.
  • Botscrew includes some interesting marketing capabilities as a business solution like customizing messages as part of the strategy. The conversation flow can be managed by category or product, depending on how the business is structured.
  • MessengerPeople is a WhatsApp ChatBot tool easy to use to build conversation flows to make communication more intuitive and professional; also offers the ability to gather user characteristics.


These just to mention a few of all of different tools that can help us in how to build a WhatsApp Bot. Some offer basic functionality and integrations, while others include more detailed features designed to provide greater business intelligence. Take in consideration all that we have mentioned above and make a clear assessment of what are our needs at the moment. While there is definitely more to considerate it is clear that ChatBot tools for WhatsApp will continue to evolve. And in this world the more sophisticated the solution, the better.

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