Discover Microsoft’s Latest User-Friendly Feature for Improved User Experience

Discover Microsoft’s Latest User-Friendly Feature for Improved User Experience

By dayannastefanny

Microsoft Edge, the US technology company’s web browser, has launched a new feature called Workspaces. This feature allows users to create different workspaces and share specific tabs between them.

How Workspaces allow you sharing browser tabs

Microsoft is already testing a new Edge feature called Workspaces. It allows users to create groups of tabs and organize open tabs when they are open. A procedure that has been tested on some users and is now tested on all computers.

With the help of Workspaces, the user can organize open browser tabs. Which is especially useful, especially when we are working. To activate it, we just need to install the Canary version of Edge and follow these instructions.

  • The Workspaces feature can be found in the browser’s sidebar. To create a new workspace, the user must click on the “+” button and assign a name to it. They can then add specific tabs to that workspace by right-clicking on an open tab and selecting “Add to a new workspace”.
  • Once multiple workspaces have been created, users can switch between them by clicking on the corresponding option in the browser sidebar. They can also share tabs between different workspaces. Which is especially useful for those who need to quickly switch between different tasks.

This feature is especially useful for those who work on different projects and need to have several tabs open at the same time. For example, a web designer might have one workspace for a particular project, with tabs open for the website under development, the login page, and the stylesheet, while another workspace might have tabs open for a different project.

Another potential use for Workspaces is in collaborative work environments. Users can easily share specific tabs with co-workers, allowing them to collaborate in real-time without having to send links via e-mail or instant messaging.

How to organize your tabs with Workspaces

Workspaces allow you to configure groups of tabs because it allows you to assign a color and a name to each group, making it easy to identify them. These features are displayed in the browser slider that appears when the icon is clicked. In addition, the user can create more workspaces or add tabs to already created features by clicking on the same icon again.

According to Microsoft, users’ privacy is protected because private information. Such as passwords, downloads, collections, add-ins, or cookies, is not shared with others when using Workspaces. In addition, users will not be able to see “Web site content that only you have access to,” such as e-mail inboxes or anything viewed outside of Workspaces.

While this feature sounds very similar to Edge’s collection feature, workspaces add a new level of functionality by allowing users to share their browsing experience in real-time. If you have a computer, you can preview Workspaces here. Microsoft hopes to further enhance this feature before it officially launches to all Edge users.

How to share browser tabs in Microsoft Edge?

To share browser tabs in Microsoft Edge, follow these steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge on your computer.
  2. Right-click on the tab you want to share and select “Add to a new workspace”.
  3. A pop-up window will open allowing you to create a new workspace or add the tab to an existing one.
  4. If you choose to create a new workspace, assign a descriptive name for the workspace, and click “Create”.
  5. If you choose to add the tab to an existing workspace, select the workspace from the drop-down list and click “Add”.
  6. Repeat these steps for each tab you wish to share.
  7. Once you have added all the tabs you wish to share, click the “Workspaces” icon in the browser sidebar to view your workspaces and the tabs you have added to each.
  8. To share workspaces with other users, right-click on the workspace you wish to share and select “Share”.
  9. Enter the recipient’s email address and click “Send”.

Once the recipient receives the email, they can click on the included link to open the shared tabs in their browser. You can also send them the link directly from the browser address bar.

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