Disney+ Originals: What is it Coming to Series in December 2022? 

Disney+ Originals: What is it Coming to Series in December 2022? 

By julianapardogonzalez

As every month, Disney Plus surprises us with new content for streaming such as: series, movies, documentaries, etc. And for all kinds of audiences! It is for that reason that today we are going to give you a look at some of the new Disney+ Originals heading to our screens in December: 

Encanto At the Hollywood Bowl 

Be welcome to be into Casa Madrigal for an unprecedented concert spectacular as the original voice cast Academy Award®-winning “Encanto” reunites at the Hollywood Bowl. Starring Stephanie Beatriz (as Mirabel), Adassa (as Dolores), Carolina Gaitán (as Pepa), Jessica Darrow (as Luisa), Diane Guerrero (as Isabela), Mauro Castillo (as Félix), Angie Cepeda (as Julieta) and Olga Merediz (as Abuela Alma) and special guests, including legendary Colombian superstars and multiple Latin GRAMMY Winners Carlos Vives and Andrés Cepeda. 

This live-to-film concert experience, featuring an 80-person orchestra, 50 dancers and out-of-this-world special effects, gives viewers a front-row seat to the unprecedented musical extravaganza celebrating the world, characters and songs of “Encanto.” 

The show is coming to Disney+ on Wednesday 28th December 2022. 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules 

Return the riotous antics of angst-ridden, disaster-prone, a middle school student Greg Heffley continue, focusing this time around on his complicated relationship with older brother Rodrick. Now, Greg takes on one of his biggest challenges yet – surviving a weekend alone with Rodrick and abiding by his growing list of rules. 

It is coming to Disney+ on Friday, 2nd December 2022. 

Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again 

Nick Daley is following in his father’s footsteps as night watchman at the American Museum of Natural History, so he knows what happens when the sun goes down. But when the maniacal ruler Kahmunrah escapes, it is the time for Nick to save the museum once and for all. 

This new animated film arrives at Disney+ on Friday, 9th December 2022. 

The Santa Clauses 

Scott Calvin is on the brink of his 65th birthday and realizing that he can’t be Santa forever! He’s suddenly starting to lose his Santa magic, and more importantly, he’s got a family who could benefit from a life in the normal world, especially his two kids who have grown up at the North Pole. With a lot of responsibilities, children, and family to please, it is the time to sets out to find a suitable replacement Santa while preparing his family for a new adventure in a life south of the pole. 

New episodes will be released on Wednesdays in December. 


An epic period fantasy series with a modern sensibility set in an enchanted land of breathtaking beauty. It began with an aspiring magician from a Nelwyn village and an infant girl destined to unite the realms, who together helped destroy an evil queen and banish the forces of darkness. Now, in a magical world where brownies, sorcerers, troll, and other mystical creatures flourish, the adventure continues, as an unlikely group of heroes set off on a dangerous quest to places far beyond their home, where they must face their inner demons and come together to save their world. 

New episodes will be released every Wednesday in the same way of the series “The Santa Clauses” throughout December. 

National Treasure: Edge of History 

Jess Valenzuela’s life is turned upside down when an enigmatic stranger gives her a clue to a centuries-old treasure that might be connected to her dead father. Keeping in mind that Jess has a knack for solving puzzles, and her skills are put to the test as she and her friends follow a series of clues hidden in American artifacts and landmarks. 

The first two episodes of “National Treasure: Edge of History” is coming to Disney+ on Wednesday 14th December 2022, with new episodes then being released every Wednesday afterwards. 

Idina Menzel: Which Way to the Stage? 

Beloved Tony Award-winning actress and singer Idina Menzel very successful. Yet, one dream goal has evaded her grasp: to headline a concert at the world-famous Madison Square Garden in her hometown of New York City.  The filmmaker Anne McCabe follows Menzel on a national tour over the course of 16 shows as she juggles the challenges of being a working mom with a grueling travel schedule, all while preparing finally to realize her dream. 

“Idina Menzel: Which Way to the Stage?” is coming to Disney+ on Friday, 9th December 2022. 

Pentatonix: Around the World for the Holidays 

Superstar a cappella group Pentatonix is struggling to find inspiration for their annual holiday album, and the clock is ticking. But with the help of some Disney magic, they soon on a whirlwind tour around the world, discovering holiday traditions and inspiration from Pentatonix fans all around the globe: from Japan to Grenada, Iceland to Ghana and Mexico, while we are curious onlookers. The journey leads the group to realize that wherever we find ourselves, the holidays offer the perfect opportunity to discover how much we have in common and that it really is a small world, after all! 

This show is coming to Disney+ on Friday 2nd December 2022. 

Welcome to Chippendales 

Being a sprawling true-crime saga, this story tells the outrageous story of Somen “Steve” Banerjee, an Indian immigrant who became the unlikely founder of the world’s greatest male-stripping empire—and let nothing stand in his way in the process. 

The chapters are being released weekly on Disney+ in many countries, including Australia and Canada. And this series is being released on Hulu in the US. 

The Mysterious Benedict Society – Season 2 

In this new season, Reynie, Sticky, Kate and Constance, the four gifted orphans who were recruited by the eccentric Mr. Benedict, embark on another mission to save the world from the nefarious plans of his twin brother Dr. L.D. Curtain. 

When the kids discover that Mr. Benedict and Number Two have been kidnapped, they must piece together the riddles and clues within a perilous scavenger hunt set by Mr. Benedict to foil Curtain’s latest scheme. Along the way, the kids experience the growing pains that come along with being part of their new “found family,” while remaining true to their unique selves. In the process, they discover what true happiness really means. 

The finale is dropping onto Disney+ on Wednesday 7th December 2022 

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