Do You Know the New Samsung ISOCELL HP2 Sensor?

Do You Know the New Samsung ISOCELL HP2 Sensor?

By Valentina Tuta

While Moto rushed to take out the first smartphone with 200MP sensor last year, Samsung decided to wait a couple of months more to announce its new sensor in its official press release. Although, what’s the real innovation with this sensor? Well, we’re going to check some of its important details, so read on and don’t miss the article. 

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Basically, the company was committed to developing a sensor that can capture a lot of light and detail and still takes up a similar space occupied by any 108MP sensor. Of course, this reduced form increases the camera capabilities of a smartphone without increasing the camera hump too much. Moreover, many users consider obnoxious big hump looks on a flagship smartphone Samsung’s advances have quickly gained the attention of the audience.

Samsung already did a great job of tapering the bump in the Galaxy S22 series and sort of blending the camera module with the smartphone sides. And actually, speaking of the Galaxy series’ next successor, the S23 lineup could pack the new ISOCELL HP2 Sensor. However, this is just a rumor and Samsung hasn’t released any media whatsoever about the camera specifications of the S23 lineup.

ISOCELL HP2 Sensor official description

According to the description provided by Samsung’s official website, we find out a couple of specific features that you should have in mind:

Tetra² Pixel Technology

Powered by Tetra2 pixel technology, the ISOCELL HP2 optimizes the pixel array for different light conditions. As light dims the ISOCELL HP2 automatically merges neighboring pixels into one, allowing it to operate as a single 1.2µm-sized pixel with 50MP or 2.4µm-sized pixel with 12.5MP. The pixel binning technology increases the light sensitivity of the pixels, producing clearer low light pictures with less noise

Super QPD

Focus fast and have a high frame rate, all with one click. Super QPD instantly focuses on objects in motion with high frame rates of 15fps at 200MP. ISOCELL HP2 captures every precious moment just in time with less shutter lag. Snap photos quickly and with ease to spend more time basking in the moment. 

Reduced shutter lag 

With frame rate improved by two folds in 200MP mode, ISOCELL HP2 reduces shutter lag by half for faster picture taking experience when compared to the 200MP predecessor. With higher frame rates and less shutter lag, do not miss the scene you want to capture.

Will the new ISOCELL HP2 Sensor debut with the Samsung Galaxy S23?

To begin with, the ISOCELL HP2 Sensor is fairly new, and there are slim chances of it coming with all three phones in the Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup. In fact, we can infer that the most premium device of all three (the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra) could be the only product to feature this new sensor, while the other two devices might sport a new 108MP sensor, which was exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra last year.

For its part, Moto has launched its flagship device, the Moto Edge 30 Ultra with a 200MP sensor, and there is sure to be fierce competition with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone. Nonetheless, Samsung shared in its press release that the new sensor would automatically switch to lower resolution (12.5 MP or 50MP) in low light conditions. Moreover, the new sensor has entered mass production.


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