Is a New Hinge Design Necessary for The Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Is a New Hinge Design Necessary for The Samsung Galaxy Fold?

By camilaforero

Many people find it very annoying that in foldable phones the design is the obvious fold in the middle, as if two screens were stuck together by this middle junction. However, this point of view depends a lot on the experience that the user has had, and above all, if the user has ever had the opportunity to have a foldable phone to be able to visualize the design.

The reality of foldable phone design is that it’s a single screen that folds up and then opens up again with the help of a rigid hinge mechanism, and indeed “U-shaped” hinges are being used these days. which hide the crease to some extent and allow for fluid hinge movements, but cannot fold the phone fully closed, this type of design is being seen on Samsung phones,

It is understood, thanks to the Naver information source, that Samsung, the Korean tech giant, might start adopting the water drop hinge design. This type of hinge design can allow the user to make the phone much easier to carry in the pocket.

Why does the Samsung Galaxy Fold need a new hinge design?

One of the main reasons why Samsung is working on this new design is because the water drop style on the hinge could improve the aesthetics of the screen a bit more, also making the mobile phone easier to carry in the pocket, and mainly that when closing the phone, it is completely closed. And the patent for this new design is already done to start implementing it on phones.

The reason to change the current hinge design:

Current phones from the Samsung company that are foldable phones, such as the Galaxy Folds and Flips, don’t close completely and form a hump on the hinge, leaving a gap between the screen when it’s on. closed the phone. Therefore, the new design could help to remove the hump and close the screen evenly, since in the style of design that is planned for the phones, it allows the screen to be completely closed.

Why not use this patented design earlier? 

This is a question that many of the users and even outsiders are asking, however, at the moment the information on this is that Samsung introduced an IPX8 waterproof body with a foldable, but this is only speculation. Still, it is understood that now is the perfect time to switch to the new hinge designs and start rolling out the new water drop hinges, so that the phones can be closed completely and are more comfortable to wear in the user pockets.

There is something else that must be kept in mind to understand this change in the hinges. Most likely, the new hinge mechanism will not appear on both of the foldable devices made by Samsung, which are the Galaxy Folds and Flips. However, according to a report filed on this topic, it is said that Samsung may modify the Galaxy Fold 5 while keeping the original hinge intact on the Flip 5. But phones with larger screens may also have a less noticeable crease in the future, which means that the screen will be completely closed.

Also, soon Samsung will launch its next-generation flagship line of Galaxy S23 (you can also find information about Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra), which will have a 200MP sensor.

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