Does Signal app show online status?

Does Signal app show online status?

By carolc

Within text messaging platforms, there are several options among which there is a great rivalry to attract new users, Signal is one of them. Is that since it is filtered that WhatsApp shared their information with Facebook, many have been the ones who have rushed out to join another messaging platform and one of the most attractive has been signaled by its totally secure application, has a simple design that hides a fairly powerful open source cryptographic protocol. This is not to say that other platforms do not have it, such as Skype, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc.

The design that Signal is not very different from the other messaging platforms, in fact at the time of setting it up, it is quite simple, you just enter your phone number, you start entering people into your database and you start to engage in a communication chat with other users, all with high-level security options.

This app has an orientation towards the privacy of conversations with end-to-end encryption. You have the option to configure the self-destruction of messages, after a few seconds and also have protection from conversations through an access key.

How to tell if someone is online at Signal

One of the banners of this application is privacy; there are other applications that have us accustomed to certain things that have become necessary for us, such as knowing if someone is online. So far, they have not developed this option for the application, which leads to not knowing if another user is connected or the last date that is connected to the service. What if you can find out is if the person to whom the message was sent read it .

  • Sending a message: In this state, the message is in the process of being sent and is represented with a symbol that has a circle with a dotted border.
  • Message sent: Indicates that your message has already left your box and is represented with an icon with a circular checkbox.
  • Delivered Message: Means that the message is already in the recipient’s box and is represented by two spherical check boxes.
  • Read message: Indicates that the recipient received the message and is evidenced by the two check boxes with a dark background.
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