Easy Ways to Sign Up to Disney Plus – The Complete Guide

Easy Ways to Sign Up to Disney Plus – The Complete Guide

By enzobcelani

Every adult still hosts deep inside an enthusiastic Peter Pan, nostalgic for a childhood that came to an end. Luckily, nothing is lost and we still get in touch with our inner child by living once again amazing memories from the past through watching those animated pictures we have been loving for decades.

Disney never stopped producing products for generations of toddlers, adults and families marking practically any human being’s childhood. Then, let’s explain an easy way to sign up for Disney Plus.

What’s Disney Plus?

Disney really never stopped dreaming and, with the passing of time, the leader of the animated film production achieved following trends and adapting to the present.

The whole world of media and audiovisual products underwent several changes through time and streaming platforms completely changed the game. In fact, in order to follow other streaming services such as Netflix and Prime Video, in November 2019 the Walt Disney Company launched Disney+, the streaming platform made for Disney picture lovers.

In addition, since the Covid-19 pandemic spread throughout the whole world, streaming platforms really represented a game changer. As you may remember, tv-series and films were products used on a daily basis to kill some time and free the mind from a scary crisis we were not expecting to live. What’s more, such systems avoided a full stop of the film industry, in fact, an amount 0f 15 pictures which were supposed to premiere in theaters, were actually released on Disney Plus.

Where do I enter Disney Plus begin code?

What does it provide?

Disney Plus is a fascinating streaming platform which gathers any animated picture and short film you may think of. This is because it does not stock just products labelled Disney, it though includes films and videos produced by Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and 20th Century Studios. This makes Disney+ the perfect platform family-based, with content for the youngest and for adults too.

The platform made by the Walt Disney Company provides a majestic diversification of audiovisual goods organized into drama, comedy, adventure, action, animation, documentary, sitcom and mystery. Here you’ll find cults such as Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Revenant, Indiana Jones or Toy Story.

What plan can I choose?

The subscription to Disney+ is completely customizable: you can choose among several plans from the cheapest to the most expensive and diversified. It is relevant, therefore, to state that the main differences among plans relate to advertising and additional subscriptions:
Subscription with advertising:
– Disney Plus [$8/month]
– Disney Plus + Hulu [$10/month]

And more…

– Disney Plus + Hulu + ESPN Plus [$13/month]
– Disney Plus + Hulu + ESPN Plus +  Live TV [$70/month]

Advertising-free subscription:
– Disney Plus [$11/month or $110/year]
– Disney Plus + Hulu [$10/month]

And more…

– Disney Plus + Hulu + ESPN Plus [$20/month]
– Disney Plus + Hulu + ESPN Plus +  Live TV [$83/month]

As usual, you can always take advantage of a free trial which lasts for a whole week where you can try the service and see if it fits your interests.

Though, this is not the end either! The Walt Disney Company also provides subscription gift cards which can be delivered directly to your beloved recipient on a specific date in the interest of celebrating an important day.

What device can I use to watch Disney Plus?

This streaming platform is compatible with many devices, as a result, you can choose the most comfortable device you can watch your favorite movie from. Among others, you can use Disney Plus on your web browser (Chrome OS, MacOS, Windows PC), mobile devices and tablets (Android, Apple or Amazon Fire), Smart TVs (LG WebOS, Samsung Tizen, Android TV, Vizio SmartCast, Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast), game consoles (PlayStation, Xbox) and streaming devices (Apple Tv 4th Generation and later, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku).

Is it worth it to subscribe to this platform?

This is a tough question to answer. Nowadays the online world offers unlimited possibilities to encounter any of your needs, passions and interests. As a consequence, products and services are specifically targeted on any type of person and they can be customized so to offer the best usability and experience ever.

That is to say that such a service as Disney Plus is perfect and completely worth its price if you are passionate about Walt Disney products. With a reasonable amount of money (through a subscription or gift card), you have access to a gigantic amount of tv-series, movies and audiovisual products.

If you love fantasy, daydreaming and you never have enough of watching those movies which marked your whole childhood, you can trust this subscription was actually meant for you.

What is Disney Plus Premier Access

How to actually sign up easily for Disney Plus

Now, let’s get to the core of this article, an easy way to sign up for Disney Plus.
1. The first thing you want to do is go to the official platform’s website ( which you can reach by any device you want (either phone, computer, tablet…). Once you landed on this page you’ll directly see the plan options provided.

2. Once you chose the plan best fitting your needs, you’ll be directed to the subscription page. Here you’ll be asked to dispense your email address. If you want to, you can even check the box confirming, therefore, to be interested in receiving news, special offers and so on about Walt Disney Family or Company.

3. Provided your email, you can now click on “Continue”.

4. By checking your email inbox, you should find a message from Disney Plus containing a 6-digit code (which expires in 15 minutes) which has to be entered on the web page you are currently on.

5. Here, you’ll have to choose a password for your account.

6. You’re at the final step to complete your subscription! Right now you should be visualizing a page summing up all the details of your plan. Down the page you’ll be asked to choose among different paying methods (Credit or debit card, PayPal or Mercado Pago). All you have to do now is enter your payment information and finally click on “Agree & Subscribe”.

Congratulations! You’re now able to see all your favorite animated pictures, movies, tv-series and much more branded Walt Disney!