Excel, how to add comma after first word in each cell

Excel, how to add comma after first word in each cell

By IsraeliPanda

Adding commas physically in unambiguous spots inside cells might be a very smart thought when you manage various cells inside your calculation sheet information. After the primary word in a rundown that was haphazardly delivered in Excel, it is exceptionally commonplace for there to be a shortfall of commas in the information. This is especially evident in circumstances in which the information is duplicated from word editors. however, when you manage an immense measure of information, you need to find a superior way to deal with make it happen or think of an alternate method for doing it physically.

At the point when you are know all about the area and length of the characters whose appearance you wish to transform, you ought to utilize the REPLACE capability. This is the situation when you need to change their appearance.

We should see the accompanying moves toward use REPLACE capability to embed a comma after the main word in a cell.

Stage 1

We have the accompanying information in an Excel sheet. See the accompanying picture in which the comma will be added.

In our accounting sheet, we have some worker names and representative IDs in a single cell.

Stage 2

We need to isolate the representative name and employeeId with comma utilizing the underneath given equation.

In this model, first select one cell and the add the equation given above to isolate comma. Entering the recipe will deliver the outcome as follows.

Here, the FIND capability will return the spot in the text string “Name EmpID” that relates to the start of the space character. Offered that the response is 5, it tends to be reasoned that the underlying space in “Name” can be tracked down in the fifth position. From that point forward, Name, EmpID is the end-product you ought to see in the wake of utilizing the REPLACE capability to move the comma to the fifth situation in “Name, EmpId” as seen previously.

Stage 3

To mirror this recipe in different cells, select that B1 cell and drag it to the predefined segment beneath B1 cell and you will come by the necessary outcome.

Utilizing SUBSTITUTE Function

Succeed’s SUBSTITUTE capability is a kind of capability which can be utilized to look for and supplant specific text strings. If you have any desire to supplant an old text with another one, this capability will be very useful for you to utilize. It replaces specific text in a line of text, implies it embeds new happy instead of the past text in a line of text.

Stage 1

For our situation to add comma after first word in cell, we will supplant the primary event of room with comma (,). See the beneath given recipe.

Stage 2

At the point when you press Enter, you will see that “Name, EmpID” is the outcome.

You will acquire the ideal result by choosing the cell in B1 and hauling it to the predefined segment underneath the B1 cell. This will make the recipe be reflected in different cells.


In this instructional exercise, you figured out how to use the REPLACE capability and the SUBSTITUTE capability in Excel to embed a comma after the main word in a cell. You can utilize any of these two capabilities as per your prerequisite if and when required.

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