How to export Telegram chat history

How to export Telegram chat history

By IsraeliPanda

Dissimilar to WhatsApp, Telegram doesn’t permit clients to reinforcement visits to a cloud administration. That is on the grounds that Telegram is a cloud stage in itself that saves every one of your information (talks, photographs, recordings, and so on) in its own cloud servers consequently. In this manner, your visits won’t be erased in the event that you change telephones without making a reinforcement. In any case, to save the reinforcement disconnected or send your talk history to somebody, you can trade Telegram visits. How about we really look at the two techniques to do so rapidly and proficiently.

You can trade Telegram visit history just from the Telegram work area application and not from its versatile applications.

Trade Individual Telegram Chats

You can utilize this technique to trade talk history from individual Telegram visits, gatherings, or stations as displayed beneath:

Introduce the Telegram work area application on your PC. In the event that you face any issues while introducing Telegram on Linux, really look at our manual for introduce Telegram.

Open the Telegram application after establishment and sign in to your Telegram account utilizing the one-time code shipped off the Telegram application on your versatile.

In the Telegram work area application, open your desired visit to trade.

Click on the three-speck symbol at the top and select “Commodity talk history” from the menu.

The visit send out settings spring up window will appear. Select the things that ought to be sent out notwithstanding instant messages. You can choose from photographs, recordings, voice messages, video messages, stickers, GIFs, and documents.

From a similar screen you can tweak different settings connected with visit history. Naturally, records up to 8MB will be saved as it were. Utilize as far as possible slider to stretch out the document size cutoff to save greater records.

Click on the location mark close to the “Way” to change the area of traded documents on your PC. Of course, it will be saved in the recently made “Message Desktop” organizer present in your PC’s “Downloads” envelope.

The application will send out every one of the messages present in the visit history beginning from the most seasoned to the current date naturally. In any case, you can tweak the time span and pick different beginning and end dates by tapping on the “From” and “To” names.

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