How to see bike routes in Google Maps

How to see bike routes in Google Maps

By IsraeliPanda

Google Maps is an essential application for tracking down your strategy for getting around, yet it’s for something other than vehicles and public travel. You can likewise utilize Google Maps to find the best bicycle courses in your space. We’ll show you how.

At the point when you pull up bearings on Google Maps, you’ll normally see five transportation modes to look over: vehicle, public travel, strolling, ride share, and trekking. The trekking choice is concealed toward the end, and that is the very thing we’ll zero in on.

To begin, open the Google Maps application on your iPhone or Android gadget. Utilize the hunt bar to find the area you might want to ride your bicycle to.

Very much like with vehicle bearings, you might see a couple courses to browse. The courses will each say what amount of time it will require to arrive at the objective. Select one by tapping it.

It’s just as simple as that! Tie your telephone into a bicycle mount, and you’re all set! This is an extraordinary method for finding trekking courses in your space. On the off chance that Google Maps can’t find a course you like, you can gauge your own.

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