Free Podcasts and New Features on Amazon Music

Free Podcasts and New Features on Amazon Music

By camilaforero

Amazon announced that it will now offer its main subscribers a new benefit which will be a complete music catalog with 100 million songs, thus replacing the previous selection that was more limited with only 2 million songs. It is estimated that this new feature attracts new subscribers that use other music service applications such as Apple Music and Spotify. Also, this benefit will also offer the best podcasts without ads, which will be very good for users who enjoy podcasts.

The Amazon Music application is renewing and now has the “podcast previews” function, in this way users can have a preview with short clips that you can hear before choosing the podcast you want and thus also discover new podcasts that you may like.

The promise that Amazon Music announces so that users can enjoy podcasts without ads can become very convincing to attract new users, since it has been seen that on platforms such as Spotify despite paying the service they continue to have ads of podcasts that can interrupt the reproduction of the music that the user is listening to and it is an opportunity for movement for users and now they can have another alternative with a large catalog of music and without interruptions.

Ad-free podcasts

We can find among the list of podcasts programs of the best brands such as CNN, NPR, The New York Times and ESPN, among other programs without ads that are included in the catalog of podcasts such as:

Wondery podcasts:

  • “Dr. Death,” “SmartLess” and “Even the Rich”

Amazon Exclusive shows:

  • “MrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark & Mysterious Stories” 
  • “Suspect: Vanished in the Snow” 
  • “COLD Season Three: The Search for Sheree” 
  • “Killer Psyche Daily” 
  • “I Hear Fear,”“The Old Man and the Three”

And Amazon Exclusive podcast series:

  • “Baby, this is Keke Palmer,”

“When Amazon Music first launched for Prime members, we offered an ad-free catalog of 2 million songs, which was completely unique for music streaming at the time,” said Steve Boom, VP of Amazon Music. 

When the launch statement was made, the above said by the VP on the limited catalog that the platform had and that it was no longer a point of sale for users was taken into account. “We continue to innovate on behalf of our customers, and to bring even more entertainment to Prime members, on top of the convenience and value they already enjoy. We can’t wait for members to experience not only a massively expanded catalog of songs, but also the largest selection of ad-free top podcasts anywhere, at no additional cost to their membership,” Steve Boom added.

Taking into account the expansion of the service and that the podcasts will not have ads, it can also be seen that with these updates Prime members can use the main application of Amazon Music to access the full music catalog. It also has its standard features such as transmitting personalized reproduction lists, being able to listen to any artist, album or playlist, and also download songs to listen to offline, among others.


Amazon Prime Unlimited is maintained, which is the previously broader music service offered by the company, this is a price of $ 8.99/month or $ 89/year, giving access to users to On-Demand music in all devices in HD (16 bits/44.1 kHz) and UHD (24 bits/44.1 to 192 kHz).

Also the annual price of your free prime shipping program earlier this year from $ 119 to $ 139, which has increased and worries about the main membership that can become more expensive for users. Even so, Amazon has added other ultimate benefits, such as a Grubhub+ membership, however, if customers are allowed to cancel another musical subscription and make a change with the great music catalog can be a better point of sale. Also, you can check the different tiers of Amazon Music subscriptions in order to choose the best for you.

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