Google Removes Accounts for Android Apps

Google Removes Accounts for Android Apps

By eduardogaitancortez

Google has announced a brand new account deletion policy for Android apps, according to which, in services where user registration is required, developers will offer a clear and simplified way to delete the originated posting and its associated data. Apple put a similar policy into the App Store last summer, which is why the search giant is following its competition quite a bit.

Remove Data

According to the major research, developers must provide the functionality to initiate the deletion of data and accounts from the application and through the Web. The feature must be designed to be easily accessible. The policy also requires that developers delete user data from their servers when they delete an account. However, if user data is required to be retained for certain reasons (e.g., fraud prevention or regulatory compliance), clear information must be provided.

Simultaneously, the client can request that only the data originating from the posting (for example, the history) be deleted, but not the record itself. The use of the standards is expected after, the company will begin to make them mandatory and will verify their compliance sometime next year. Developers will be asked until December 7th to provide data about the suppression capabilities of their app as a form.

The company provides a grace period until May 31, 2024 to carry out the changes. The Data Stability part of the Play Store has also been modified with the new policy. Starting this year, users will be able to see upcoming signs indicating the likelihood of data deletion on the data page of applications downloadable from the digital store. This is if developers have filled out the necessary questionnaires and incorporated changes into their codes that allow for simplified deletion.

Google Acoount

In this way you can remove a Google account from your Android mobile. In an Android mobile you can register numerous Google accounts, as well as to download applications from each one as well as to use different mailboxes in Gmail. Maybe you need to remove some concrete. Or get Google’s main account off the phone. It is quite simple, you only have to follow a few steps.

Smartphones make it possible to combine various spaces, both expert and individual, in the same space. For example, with dual SIM phones, we have the ability to carry 2 phone numbers with us and register numerous accounts. In this way we take full advantage of their power and versatility. Once a specific account stops serving, it can be deleted, whether it is from a strange service or from all those provided by Google.

By default, Android backs up the data in your Google account. Be it contacts such as calendar events, record of downloaded applications, and even the stability of the phone. In this way, before opting to delete your Google account on the phone, you must make sure that nothing is lost along the way.


The less risk there is of something essential being missed, the better. Make sure that Android Stability Mirror is enabled and that all relevant data has been backed up. Before we delete the post, we will revisit this point, but it is advisable to go into each of Google’s apps and make sure that stability replication has been done: Gmail, calendar, agenda, Google Photos, Drive. It is also advisable to make a stability copy of WhatsApp: deleting the Google account will no longer make stability copies in the cloud.

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