Google Search Features You Should Know

Google Search Features You Should Know

By Valentina Tuta

Did you know that Google’s Search function is not only designed to find websites? Actually, there are a lot of features related to it that you should know and which perhaps will make your life easier while you’re surfing on the internet. That’s why, today we’re gonna introduce you to a couple of the lesser-known features of Google Search that you should be using. Let’s get started!

These are 5 must-have Google Search Features

Find Specific File Types

To start with, we have one feature that is very useful when you’re in a hurry and you’re looking for something that’s in a specific file format, say a sample resume in PDF, you can make use of Google’s file type search to find your specified files.

For instance, to retrieve all PDFs that are sample resumes, enter the following on Google: Sample resume filetype:pdf . Furthermore, keep in mind that you can easily replace “pdf” with any file format you’re looking for!

Track Deliveries

Another tool that can make your life easier. However, this feature depends on the shipping company (in this case, UPS, USPS, and FedEx are included), as not all allow you to make a tracking of your packages right from Google’s Search box. If you want to try it, all you have to do is type in your parcel tracking number on Google and you’ll find your shipment’s whereabouts. To do this, it’s important that you have your shipment tracking information on hand (which is provided by your shipping company).

View Flight Status

In fact, this is a feature that almost anybody knows and to tell the truth, it’s really useful. You see, Google’s Search lets you track your flights by using your flight number. For example, if you need to know the current state of Virgin Atlantic’s flight VS 103, all you have to do is enter the complete number of the flight in Google.

Be sure to include all letters and numbers that are registered on your boarding ticket. Then, you’ll see the flight’s departure and arrival times, current location, gate information, and more.

Find Products in a Specific Price Range

Well, you already know that you can find anything you need on Google. But, did you know that you can improve your search by using the site’s price filter? As you read! You can now make getting to the exact item you need even easier. 

Besides, this filter lets you find only the products that fall in or around your price range. So, if you’re trying to find a portable charger in the price range of $50 and $100, you’d enter the following on Google: portable chargers $50-$100.

View Cached Web Pages

Sometimes, a web page won’t open as it’s down or has been removed from its site. In these instances, you can still access the web page by using Google’s cached web content. Therefore, to view the cache version of How-To Geek’s home page, you’d enter the following on Google:

Filter Search Results by Date

It’s very stressful to search for something recent and find only old news and pages, isn’t it? Okay, for that reason, Google developed a tool that you can use to filter your displayed search results by date, letting you find information that has happened in a specific time range. 

Remember that in order to use that feature, first, perform your search on Google as you would normally. Then, on the search results page, click “Tools” at the top. Select the “Any Time” menu and choose your desired time range. Thus, your search results will then be filtered to only show the content that was published in that range.

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