Here’s how to check you are tracked by an AirTag

Here’s how to check you are tracked by an AirTag

By ceciliascalzo

What is air tag? Air Tag is an Apple product and its function is to don’t let you lose your stuff. It is very simple to use, because it is a very tiny circular object that you can just insert for example inside your bag or cling to your keys or anything you want. Once you put it in or near the objects, they appear in the radar of  Find my app, which is the same that you already use to track your Apple devices. Did you lose your keys? Well, don’ worry, go inside the app, in the section Items and make your keys ring. Or you can simply tell your Siri “Hey Siri find my keys”.  You can also activate the “Precision Finding” option that will guide you in the precise place where the object is. So apparently it seems a fantastic idea that we all would like to have but it not so perfect. Some Cybersecurity experts in fact expressed their worried opinions about the use of this object from the stalkers. They are not wrong. We also have testimonials. The model Brook Nadern said that during a night out in New York she found an Air Tag in her coat pocket that she did not put, so someone else did. Then, in Connecticut, a man was arrested for stalking because of an Air Tag in the car of the victim. After these events, the police of multiple states have issued warnings about the dangerous use of this item. 

Signs an AirTag is tracking you There are different ways to understand if an AirTag is tracking you and they depend on the type of smartphone you have. If you use an iPhone with iOS 14.5 or later version, they should receive a push alert whenever an unknown AirTag is near you for a long time and above all if it is far from you. When the AirTag was launched for the first time, the tracker rang if the object was far from the owner for more than three days. Now, with the update, Apple shortened the time to 24 hours more or less, however there is not a precise time. If you have an Android, it will be useful for you to know that Apple launched the Tracker Detect for Android phones. Unfortunately, unlike Apple smartphones, the Android app does not automatically look for mysterious AirTag. The Users have to initiate the scan by themselves.

How to disable an AirTag  Anyway, if after all these warnings, you are worried and you want to disable it for a while, you can. The best way to disable an AirTag is to remove the battery. So flip theAterTag in the way the logo Apple is visible and press down on the logo and turn clockwise. Now you will be able to extract the battery.

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