How to add a product to the Merchant Center?

How to add a product to the Merchant Center?

By IsraeliPanda

Google Merchant Center is a computerized stage where online retailers transfer item information that powers Google Shopping Ads (previously Product Listing Ads). Inside the Merchant Center, you additionally give data about your eCommerce store, transportation, or charges.

Every one of the items you see when you do a Google Shopping search has been transferred utilizing the Google Merchant Center.

The Merchant Center additionally fills in as a wellspring of data for the neglected, natural item postings Google as of late presented in the Google Shopping Tab.

How to add items to Google Merchant Center?

There are a couple of techniques you can use to transfer your items to the Merchant Center:
• Bringing in an XML. or then again txt. feed record or a Google Spreadsheet with your whole item index
• Manual transfer (adding items individually)
• By means of Content API or utilizing FTP/SFTP

We will zero in on the initial 2 techniques that are the most well known among online retailers.

Steps to transfer your items to Merchant Center by means of a feed record:

1) In your Merchant Center record, explore to ‘Items’, then, at that point ‘Feeds’
2) Click the blue, in addition, to fasten to import your information feed

3) Name your feed and select the import strategy.

Using ‘Booked brings’ permits you to add a connection to an information feed document that will be naturally checked for refreshes by Google consistently. That way you can guarantee your information is new and significant all the time. To make a feed document under a live URL and improve it effectively you can utilize a feed the board arrangement like DataFeedWatch.

4) Provide a connection to your information feed and pick the best ideal opportunity for the every day refreshes

(or then again transfer a static document from your PC assuming you picked the ‘Transfer’ technique)
It’s a prescribed practice to plan your everyday refreshes soon after your information feed is being invigorated. For the DataFeedWatch clients that would be just after your planned day by day shop update.

5) Provide other vital data, for example, target country, objections and so forth

6) Save
When saved, your item information will be handled and you will in the blink of an eye see an item information wellbeing report in the Diagnostics segment.

Steps to add your items to the Merchant Center physically, individually:

1) In your Merchant Center record, explore to ‘Items’, then, at that point ‘All items’

2) Click the blue, in addition, to fasten to add an item.

3) Provide all the necessary item data, and save.

A disadvantage to the manual technique is that it gets exceptionally tedious assuming you have in excess of a few items in your shop. Furthermore, it requires consistent manual updates. Assuming that you disregard invigorating your information routinely, it can bring about information mistakes and Google objecting to your items or in any event, suspending your Merchant Center record.

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