How AI-based Video Compression is Revolutionizing the Industry

How AI-based Video Compression is Revolutionizing the Industry

By dayannastefanny

Did you know that AI-based Video Compression is revolutionizing the industry?

Recently, Apple announced the acquisition of a startup called Vilynx, a Spanish company that uses artificial intelligence to compress videos. Vilynx’s technology focuses on reducing the size of videos without sacrificing quality, resulting in a faster and more efficient viewing experience.

Apple’s purchase of Vilynx is a sign that the technology company is increasingly investing in artificial intelligence and improving the user experience. Vilynx’s technology could be used in a variety of Apple products. From the Apple TV+ streaming video platform to Final Cut Pro video editing software.

Using artificial intelligence to compress videos is not a new idea. Many companies, including Google and Netflix, have been working on similar technologies for years. However, what makes Vilynx’s technology unique is its ability to adapt to different types of content. The company’s technology can automatically analyze video content to determine which areas can be compressed most effectively without affecting image quality.

In the past, video compression was a time-consuming and effort-intensive process. But with Vilynx’s artificial intelligence technology, the process can be much faster and more efficient. In addition, the company’s technology can also help reduce video storage and transmission costs. Which could be especially useful for companies that handle large amounts of video data.

Ultimately, Apple’s acquisition of Vilynx demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation and improving the user experience. As technology advances, we are likely to see more and more companies adopt artificial intelligence technologies. This is to improve the efficiency and quality of their products and services.


How to compress videos with a startup?


Compressing videos can be a tedious and complicated process. However, thanks to innovations in video compression technology, there are now startups that use artificial intelligence to make the process easier and more efficient.

One such startup is Vilynx, a Spanish company that was recently acquired by Apple. Vilynx uses artificial intelligence to intelligently compress videos, which means that the file size is reduced without significantly affecting image quality.


How exactly does video compression work with Vilynx?


  • First, the company’s technology analyzes the video and divides it into different sections, such as faces, backgrounds, and moving objects.
  • Next, the technology applies different levels of compression to each section, allowing the overall quality of the video to remain high while the file size is significantly reduced.

One of the advantages of using Vilynx’s video compression technology is that it is very fast. The compression process can take only a few minutes, which means that users can share and stream videos more easily and quickly.

In addition, Vilynx’s technology is also very efficient in terms of power usage, which means that it can be used on mobile devices with limited batteries.

Also to Vilynx, other startups use artificial intelligence to compress videos, such as Beamr and EuclidIQ. Both companies use similar technologies to reduce the size of video files without compromising image quality.

  • Ultimately, video compression with artificial intelligence technology can be a valuable tool for anyone who needs to reduce the size of video files. Video compression technology from startups like: Vilynx, Beamr and EuclidIQ can make the process easier and more efficient than ever before. Whether it’s sharing video online or simply saving storage space.
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