How Apple is Revolutionizing the iPhone 14 with a Stunning New Color Option

How Apple is Revolutionizing the iPhone 14 with a Stunning New Color Option

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Apple has confirmed the iPhone 14 yellow will hit store shelves in the country, although there is still no exact date for its launch. Given that the model in this color goes on sale in other countries as of March 14.

However, unlike last year, the new color is not available for the Pro or Pro Max models. Apple also recently launched silicone iPhone straps and cases this spring. The last time we saw a yellow iPhone was in 2019 with the launch of the iPhone 11 and in early 2018 with the iPhone XR. This new color joins the black, white, blue, and purple colors currently available in Red.

Last year Apple launched the olive green iPhone 13, but in 2021 we saw the iPhone 12 in a rather striking purple color. Colors are always a very personal thing, and someone might buy an iPhone 14 just for that new color. This color may disappear with the iPhone 15 next year, so if you like it, this is a great opportunity to get your hands on a yellow iPhone.

Specifications and price of the new yellow iPhone 14

Note: The new yellow iPhone 14 has the same specs and price as its siblings, we don’t have any internal changes, it’s just a new color to add to the existing lineup.

  1. Display

The numbers didn’t necessarily work for Apple, and while people liked the iPhone 13 mini, they didn’t buy it. It undercut the iPhone 12 mini, which seems to explain what people want: bigger screens. So suggests the iPhone 14 Plus, which retains the same design features as the iPhone 14, but simply does so with a 6.7-inch diagonal screen instead of the 6.1 of its “standard model.”

In other elements, the design is identical to that of the iPhone 14: the notch, or display, remains on the front, and on the back, we have the same camera module with two diagonally placed sensors and a flash.

  1. Cameras

The new main sensor has 12 megapixels, but the pixels are larger (1.9 microns) and the aperture is f/1.5, it also has optical image stabilization, which is essential to achieve the function we will talk about later. The Ultra Wide Angle is also apparently the same 12-megapixel sensor that we already saw in the iPhone 13.

With this computer photography, it can double the quality of dark foreground and ultra-wide shots, but even more so in the main image, where performance has improved by 2.5.

A new optical stabilizer on the main sensor allows access to a new “Action Mode,” a video recording mode specifically designed for high-motion action scenes and improves the upward scanning of video recording.

  1. SIM card slot in the U.S. only.

The iPhone retains 5G connectivity and eSIM support, eliminating the need for physical SIM cards. Apple highlighted the importance of eSIM and the advantages it offers, for example, when switching cell phone contracts.

The importance of this technology is important because, as we heard, all iPhone 14 models sold in the U.S. do not have a physical SIM card slot and rely entirely on the eSIM card.  Shock detection, which was part of the new Apple Watch Series 8, also comes to the iPhone 14 Plus, which also has another new feature: the ability to make emergency calls via satellite.

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