How do you find out an unknown number on iPhone

How do you find out an unknown number on iPhone

By carolc

Some time ago, many marketing companies used the call method or private number, made such calls to offer their services or simply give it an air of mystery before revealing their strategy. But when this word “unknown” comes out when a phone call comes in your iPhone, you usually think several things, such as; publicity, uncertainty, because we don’t know who’s calling us and we won’t be able to return the call, scams or intimidation.

Private number and hidden number, is it the same?

The moment someone executes a call from their phone and has the private number option, that call will be reflected on the recipient’s device as a call from a private number. This will also depend on the company providing the service, the smart computer model, and the operating system being used, which could be Android or iOS.

This difference is well marked when trying to know who has been calling. Specially when the incoming call is identified as a private number. In this case, it is impossible to know who is trying to communicate with you, just subtract you from answering and find out that way. What is possible to do is to identify an unknown number since they are recorded in our received call book. In fact, there are free apps, which can help us identify these unknown numbers, these types of apps are free and work very well with iOS.

TrueCaller helps you find out an unknown number on iPhone

There are many apps that can help you with this topic, but the leading application to offer this service is called TruCaller, which supports the iOS operating system. The moment it is installed, the first thing you will be asked for, will be your permission, to replace the shortcuts of the calls with the application, who will manage all outgoing and incoming calls

TruCaller has a database with the information of millions of users, which can identify the incoming call without problem and return the call. One of its disadvantages, is that the application keeps running in the background, which directly impacts the battery consumption.

So if you want to know who is calling your iPhone at all times, you can use this app. It is a very useful tool to know who is in the calls identified as unknown.

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