How Do You Turn Your Cell Phone Into A Projector

How Do You Turn Your Cell Phone Into A Projector

By IsraeliPanda

Your cell phone is handier than you might suspect. We as a whole realize it can go about as our journal, as our schedule, or as our morning timer. Yet, did you realize it can undoubtedly turn into your projector too?


1. Make sure your room is dim. I utilized the projector in a dim space to ensure the picture showed up plainly.

2. If you are utilizing text you should make an identical representation of it and turn it over before you project it onto the divider.

3. Here’s a simple instructional exercise on making an identical representation with text.

The thoughts are interminable. I’m in every case about paintings. This is the ideal task to make a painting or guide on your divider. You could likewise move pictures or text or numbers all with essentially your I-telephone and these provisions. It was simple and straightforward and required around 10 minutes to make and afterward, I utilized the projector to move letters and numbers on the divider.

What you need to have:

All you require is the accompanying rundown of things a large portion of which you have likely lying around the house:

1. A Shoebox

2. A Magnifying glass

3. Some paper cuts

4. Some Black paint

5. A Cutting blade

6. Sticky tape

7. A ruler

8. A pencil

9. And in particular, your cell phone

What you need to do:

At the point when you have all the necessary things, follow the accompanying advances:

1. First, place the amplifying glass against the short side of the shoebox and follow its external edge on the shoebox utilizing a pencil. You will have made a circle after you are finished.

2. Cut the circle molded out leaving an opening in the cardboard.

3. Next paint the container’s external territory with dark paint

4. Now fit the amplifying glass in the opening safely leaving no spaces for light to escape through.

5. Now line up your telephone with the amplifying glass so that the screen of the telephone is in the focal point of the amplifying glass. Follow two lines from the telephone to the external edge of the crate to check the position where you will put the telephone.

6. Now spot your telephone on the rear of the shoebox at the spot you checked. Use paper clasps to secure your telephone into position.

7. Cut out a little opening for your telephone’s force rope at the far edge so you can charge your telephone without removing it from the case.

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