Console sharing and Offline play on PS5 accounts

Console sharing and Offline play on PS5 accounts

By carolc

For those who loves their PlayStation gaming experience, Sony has made a nice update for PS5, improving the option for sharing your games and media library in a particular console. Even if it is offline, linking this to your PSN account, it works very similar of this option on PS4 but without setting the console as primary.

In the PS4 this sharing option was just ok, because anytime you set as primary a console to have access of someone else game library other functions. You didn’t want were involved like automatic updates and remote downloads, and also license verification issues that could lock you out of your games.

When you enable PS5 Console Sharing and Offline Play, sharing games and media is not longer tied to features like remote downloads, remote play or automatic updates.

Setting Remote Downloading and Remote Playing from the app or PlayStation Store on the web, it will allow you to choose a console to download the game asking you which PS5 you want to. As a recommendation for an easier recognition of the console you are remotely connected in, you could change the name of each PS5 in the system settings from default name.

Activation of Console Sharing and Offline Play option

To start the activation of Console Sharing and Offline Play option, you should be signed into your primary PSN account, and then follow these steps:

  1. Enter the PS5 menu.
  2. Go to Settings in the top right of the main interface of console.
  3. Select Users and Accounts.
  4. Then, you must select Other near the bottom from a list of choices displayed.
  5. Select Console Sharing and Offline Play.
  6. If a text shows you this message “You don’t have a PS5 with (Console Sharing and Offline Play) enabled”, then click “Don’t Enable”, and go back to the main menu. If a text shows you “(Console Sharing and Offline Play) is enabled for you on this PS5”, then click “Disable” and back out to the main menu.

Sign into a secondary PSN account

Now, if you want to sign into a secondary PSN account to use its games library, follow these steps:

  1. Select your account picture in the top right next to the settings icon.
  2. Click on Switch User.
  3. Click Add User.
  4. Select Get Started under Add a User to this PS5. In order to complete this, you need the email and password of the secondary account.
  5. Go to Settings.
  6. Click Users and Accounts.
  7. Click Console Sharing and Offline Play.
  8. Select Enable.

That way, if you want to share your game and media library to another PS5 console, the other person just needs to follow the steps we show above on their own console and enable it on your account instead of their main account. Now, stay signed to download the games you want to play from the secondary PSN account. And once you are done with the downloading, you can go back to the main account and play them freely.

In order to have access to the games of your main accounts, you need to be connected to the internet. That is because the PS5 console is tied to a secondary account. Something positive about this, is that you will also get the benefits of PlayStation Plus even if only one account has access to them.

Although it seems that understanding how this Console Sharing and Offline Play feature works, and following all these instructions was complicated, once its enabled, you got it and never have to look back.

You will enjoy playing with your family and friends, as well as they will, sharing your favorite games easier, just choose a place and let the fun begin.

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